Razor Rides For the Ride Loving Kids At Heart


Razor Rides has completely revamped the scooter industry. With battery operated rides, twist handle acceleration and so many more features that we will get into later.

We were exited thrilled to test out the Razor Pocket Mod. It’s dubbed “The Hottest Ride On the Block” and I can certainly see why!

Razor Betty Mod

This is Betty, let’s check out her features!

First of all I should point out that it is a European Style. Meaning it looks like the “motos” that many Italians ride around their towns and cities.

  • Speeds up to 15 mph
  • Up to 40 minutes of continuous use
  • Step through steel frame
  • High torque chain driven motor
  • Twist-grip acceleration control
  • Hand operated rear brake
  • 12″ pneumatic tires
  • Retractable center mount kickstand
  • Under seat storage
  • Scaled down classic scooter design carries riders up to 170 lbs
  • Battery charge time: 12 hours

The mod comes in different colors too! Here are its color combinations:

  • purple/black
  • red/black
  • fuchsia/black
  • purple/pink/black
  • pink/white/black

And of course you have to be 13+ to be responsible enough to ride Betty! Which means of course, YOU – the parent – can play ride on it too!

And if you have any doubts, take a look at my video below:

Now if you’re looking for something a little more subdued but still powerful, electric, and loads of fun, take a look at the E100 Glow Ride!

E100-Glow_productThis beauty isn’t a ride on, but it’s almost just as fast! It can go up 10mph! It’s perfect for children 8 and up who are excited to try an electric ride.

Let’s check out its features:

  • Speeds up to 10 mph
  • Up to 40 minutes of continuous use
  • Steel frame and fork
  • Kick start, high-torque, chain-driven motor
  • Twist-grip throttle
  • Hand operated front brake
  • 8″ pneumatic front tire, urethane rear wheel
  • Retractable kick stand
  • Soft rubber grips

It’s dubbed as: “Ride with the speed of light” and here’s why:

Streak through the neighborhood like a bolt of blue lightning on the all-new E100 Glow. With speeds up to ten miles-per-hour and blue LEDs that light up each time you twist the throttle, the Glow transforms our best selling E100 electric scooter into an out-of-this-world ride for kids eight and up.

Sounds super exciting! You can pick up a Razor of your own at Toys-r-us, Amazon.com, Target, and many more places!


And the best part is, one lucky Mom Blog Society reader will get the chance to win BOTH of these rides! Now that’s exciting!


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This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post is my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.


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  1. Stephanie Phelps on

    This would be so fun to ride. I know the kids loved playing on it. I did not realize it went so fast!

  2. These scooter are so adorable and my nephews and niece would love to own these thanks for sharing about them.

  3. Debra Holloway on

    When I was a kid I had one of the old type of scooters. Another words it was manual, and very basic. It came in one color – red. These new electric ones are so cool.

  4. I hope that captcha was a plus sign..

    I love that scooter! From watching the video, I was impressed that you can ride it in the grass!! What a great scooter to have!

  5. I have always wanted one of these! I love the colors and not only do they look like fun to ride on but the grocery store is just down the street,I could take quick little trips to the store.

  6. Jealous that kids today have some pretty cool stuff. I was pure lucky to have a bike! I would love to win one! I do like many of the features, esp the the lighting!! Thanks for the chance.

  7. I love the Betty an know the kids would get so much fun from these. 40 minutes of ride time for both is pretty impressive.

  8. Speeds on these between 10 and 15 mph is something the kids would just love. Something I cannot afford so would be awesome to win for them. These are great and I appreciate you giving us the chance to win, thank you

  9. Looks like you were having a lot of fun! I imagine that without the snow and hills it would be a great ride.
    45 minutes of straight riding is a pretty good time also.

  10. These would make really AWESOME Christmas gifts for each of my kids! And they look like a ton of fun!

  11. As much as my kids would love this, and they really would, every ADULT on my block is going to want a turn! I can just see Mr. Miller out there trying to pop wheelies and all the kids chasing him down the street lol.

  12. Rosalind Gutierrez on

    Looks like great fun for kids but make sure they have a helmet on for safety as it speeds along.

  13. Well the glow ride wouldn’t be appropriate for my toddler but my oldest would love it. My daughter would love the scooter and both would have fun next summer…when ever that gets here.

  14. This is a great review.I’m glad you included ages, and speed. This is exactly what I need for my oldest grandson. You answered every question I had.

  15. MaryJo Tsitouris on

    These both look like great fun! I really like the fact that they don’t go too fast. Thanks for the great review! 😉

  16. WOW 40 miles per hour!!!! That is incredible! After the baby is born hopefully I can loose enough to ride it myself if I win….Ill have to start our son out on the 10mph one first and that will still make me nervous! lol

  17. Lisa Konieczke on

    Haha… nice video! That looked like a lot of fun. What I love about the Pocket Mod is the storage space under the seat, my Daughter could pack her items in there. Her friend has one and they double ride on it, (probably not recommended) she’ll come pick my Daughter up for a sleepover and then off they go. I like that they cruise pretty good but at a safe speed.
    The E100 Razor is awesome, my Son would love the blue lights on it, that’s his favorite color. These are two very exciting rides! Wish we had these when we were kids!

  18. Birdie Skolfield on

    40 minutes of continuous use my kids would use it up fast I hope theres a guage that shows useage

  19. We have the purple one- its charlottes favorite toy. Its so great to go to some friends houses a few streets away and the kids also ride it all over the backyard.

  20. Patrycja Chudziak on

    it looks so fun! I might have to fight for my turn to ride between my son and husband who both would be all over this.

  21. Why didn’t they have toys like this when we were kids. These look like so much fun. These are on the top of my 2 sons Christmas Lists this year.

  22. wow these things are awesome why couldnt we have cool things like these when we were kids lol

  23. I think I may just be a little more excited to win this then my kids. Maybe I’ll let them have a turn 😉 They look so fun! Wish they had these when I was young.

  24. I love that it has twelve hours of battery usage, under seat storage and a steel frame. What a great Christmas present.

  25. how amazing are these, to think how far biking has come along.. I know from the look of them both , love how they handle themselves and such great sporty colors :0

  26. Margaret Smith on

    What great rides. I really love the Betty Scooter. Wouldn’t mind having a adult version, they look like so much fun.
    I also like that it comes in many different colors, so it’s great for either a boy or girl.
    The Razor also looks great.

  27. Time Machine!!! If I would have had one of these as a younger person, of the places I would have gone….

  28. These would put a smile on any childs face. They look fun and would give kids some outdoor time and some exerceise too. I love them!

  29. These look amazing. my neice and nephews would love these. I love that the ride on scooter comes in so many different colors.

  30. Linda Manns Linneman on

    I love that this has storage under the seat. I am glad it does not go over 15 mph. I also like that they can ride this for up to forty minutes. This is so nice. Thank you for this opportunity to win

  31. I would love to win these for my son and daughter, money is so tight this year, and these are what they want,

  32. Wow these are so cool. My grandkids would love them My foster child wants the motorized one. she is 7 I think A little to young

  33. The glow scooter is so cool. My son would love it. He has a regular razor but an electric one would be so much more fun! And I love that it lights up.

  34. These are absolutely Terrific! I loved the video and riding it in the snow! I would love to have one of these or both for that matter! They sure look like so much fun! This is a Fantastic Giveaway! Thanks so very much for giving me a chance! I honestly appreciate it! Thanks again, Michele 🙂

  35. My daughter absolutely loved her Razor electric scooter until the battery died. Now she’s been bugging me for a new one. These would be PERFECT!!

  36. Kerri Alexander on

    Both of these ride on toys are super cool.! I love that you gave us all the details! Thanks

  37. Looks like you had a blast. I want one…please? I don’t drive, but I think that I could handle this. It would be perfect for running quick trips to the Dr.s Office and the drug store. LOL, my grand kids would love these…and would be so jealous if I had them.

  38. Sandy Bonesteel on

    That scooter looks like so much fun. I would love to win it for my grand daughter, but then I know that I would love to ride it myself. Maybe she would share it with me.

  39. I just love that it’s teaching girls that they can ride. Razor is top quality and I would feel very comfortable about my daughter riding anything made by Razor. Love the color choices. How much fun this would be!!

  40. Can’t believe you rode that in the snow, BRRRR! 🙂 Looks like fun though, didn’t realize adults could ride them as well!

  41. angelia medlin on

    I love that these only go 10-15mph and my son, who is young can ride them. Thanks for sharing it.

  42. Gena Durbin Carrico on

    I am so glad you did a review of the scooter, my 5 year old was wanting one but now I think it might be to big for her. Although I could take her for rides, hehe.

  43. thanks for the opportunity! my daughter would go nuts for one of these. in fact, she asked today for an electric scooter for X-mas.

  44. Lisa Coomer Queen on

    Razor scooters are the best. They have so many great features. I see kids riding them all the time. My grandchildren would love them.

  45. Marilyn Nawara on

    The scooter would be so much fun to ride around — we have a 10 acre site and it would be put to good use buzzing around the farm.

  46. Dang it looks like fun! My son is 8 would still be thrilled with it even purple lol who am i kidding i ‘d be thrilled! As would nieces…you have the perfect property for it!

  47. Vanessa Richard on

    i love that its not over powerful and made with little ones in mind yet still has speed my son would love

  48. Cristina LeAnne on

    These look and sound like a ton of fun. The weight limit on the Betty is also a plus.

  49. These Razor Rides are Awesome! They are so great to get around with! I love the video where they are riding it in the snow! Terrific little ride! Also, purple is a terrific color!!! I really love that they can go for 40 minutes on a charge! Plus the wheels are great on these! To be able to ride with snow on the ground without spinning or sliding away, is a definite plus! Thanks so much! Michele 🙂

  50. … Who had more fun you or your hubby? (person filming)?—- This would be wonderful for my daughter to get from her off campus housing to college. Of coarse we always would wear a helmet. Thanks

  51. Great review! My daughter has had her eye on one of these for the last few years but she was only 5 now that she is bigger she is hoping mommy would budge and get her one. She watches her neighbors drive around our court all summer with theirs lol! Great scooter! Thanks

  52. They both look like a whole lot of awesome fun. My niece and nephew would love to own these. I would also love to try them out.

  53. I love the fact that these are electric. My two youngest granddaughters would have a blast on them.

  54. Linda Bradshaw on

    That looks like a lot of fun. I would love to have those for my grandkids. I know they would enjoy them.

  55. My son would love the electric razor and the scooter, even though he is too young for them.

  56. There isn’t a kid around who wouldn’t want either of these awesome ride ons! This is perfect for either a boy or girl and would cover a large age range, from my youngest to my teen! I might even be tempted to hop on either one of these for a spin! I love that they don’t go over 15 mph, not too fast or too slow! My kids would flip over both of these!

  57. that look like so much fun! now i want one. I like the variety of colors it’s available in. I know my nephews would definitely love the scooter.

  58. Both would be so fun to ride! I love that there are so many color choices and that they can go so fast.

  59. Jennifer Hiles on

    This looks like such a blast. I love all the color combo’s it comes in. 15 miles per hour is pretty impressive. My girls would love this!

  60. It has so many cool features! I love the color combinations. Any kids who receives this is going to be one lucky kid…Don’t forget the helmet!!

  61. Sonya McAlister on

    This looks like something I would want to ride. I would like to get this for my daughter. I dont know who will get to ride it more. LOL Thanks for the Give AWay

  62. Ok I would have used the word thriled, too! The details of how fast (not too fast) are super helpful to gage how age appropriate it is since the younger ones get tired out faster & not so careful after getting too excited (read: thrilled) for too long at a time. I loved watching the video to know it’s not just for summertime fun 🙂 Great job!

  63. This is an awesome gift for your older child. I like the look and stats on both items. Happy Holidays!

  64. Leanne Godfrey on

    Wow! The Mod Pocket will go up to 15 miles per hour. I would love to have some Razor products for my family to enjoy!

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    These are so cool, I have been wanting to get one for my son but can’t afford them 🙁

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  74. Sandra L Hying McFadden on

    What a great review both would be fun to have. We live near a lake and a seculded neighborhood perfect for riding both .