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What if Santa wrote back? Startup sends letters from Santa that are so real and believable, you’ll start to wonder…


Millions of children write letters to Santa each Christmas. Santa’s Red Letter wants to help the Big Guy write them back.  

A visit to SantasRedLetter.com and you will find personalized letters from Santa, for both Naughty and Nice, for Children and Grown-ups, and for every situation. Tell them what you want the letter to say, they’ll get the message to Santa, and he’ll send a beautiful customized letter and an authentic certificate of Niceness or Naughtiness, sealed and postmarked from the North Pole!

Available now at SantasRedLetter.com  – Priced at just $9.95 + Free Shipping    



Here’s why the letters are so believable

All letters deliver with…

+ an actual USPS North Pole postmark
+ a wax seal bearing Santa’s emblem
+ professionally printed stationery with “From the Desk of Santa” letterhead
+ personalized message with custom text
+ quality red (or black) envelope addressed directly to recipient
+ a golden Santa signature
+ for just $2 add a Certificate of Nice (or Naughty) to make it even more special


$1 to Charity

For every letter that is sold, Santa’s Red Letter donates one dollar to the Toys for Tots Christmas charity.

Toys for Tots is fantastic charity whose objective is to “help less fortunate children throughout the United States experience the joy of Christmas”. 100% of the donations go towards the children.


Product Reviews

“Absolutely wonderful letters. My children love them. They look so authentic.” — Tina, Lawerence

“Receiving a letter directly from Santa and postmarked North Pole was the highlight for my son! He couldn’t tell enough people about it.” — Rhonda, Calgary

“The letters were so authentic and real, even my dubious 8 year old was excited to open his! Another year of Santa magic for us!” — Brittany, Toleto

Read more at http://santasredletter.com/pages/reviews


About Santa’s Red Letter

Our Story – from http://santasredletter.com/pages/about

“It all began with a question. What if Santa wrote back? Well, why not? As parents, year after year we saw our kids writing so many letters to Santa and then had to explain to them that the reason Santa didn’t write back was because he was too busy getting ready for Christmas. “But why not if Santa is Magic”, countered my son one year. His 6 year old logic was rock solid.”

“This is the same guy that can squeeze into a gas fireplace and somehow fit millions of Elmo dolls into a red velvet sack. Why couldn’t he sprinkle a little magic dust and somehow write all those children back?”

“And so began our journey to make the most authentic and believable letter from Santa. Though the company has grown and changed a bit since launching in 2012 our goal remains the same, to create personalized, authentic and genuine Christmas experiences.”


Media Contact:

Crystal Stapley — Mama Elf

[email protected]


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