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quinoaAs a mom of 5 I try to always research what I’m giving to my babies. I’m pro-breastfeeding and try to nurse my children until they are ready to wean. I nurse because I know it’s what’s best for them. So why would I do anything different when it comes to solid foods.

I try to do baby lead weaning. Meaning they tell me when they are ready for foods and we try mushy foods that are tiny and easy to pick up. But we don’t always make it that far before they are ready to try solids. So for the times between them feeding themselves and me feeding them I needed to find a good solid food. I stopped using conventional baby cereals years ago because I learned that they have no nutritional value at all. As a mom who has always been concerned with what my babies are eating, I couldn’t continue to give them a food that was just filler. 

When I learned about Wutsup Baby Quinoa cereal, I read “cereal” and almost didn’t use it. When I took the time to quinoa1read the label I found out that it is loaded with vitamins for baby. I honestly shouldn’t be surprised. As adults we often switch out rice for Quinoa because of its nutritional value. Wutsup Baby Quinoa is full of the same vitamins we need. It’s also packed with iron, something that is kinda hard to get into a small baby. 

Wutsup Baby Quinoa cereal comes in convenient pouches.  Because my little miss is only 4 months old I only feed her about 2 teaspoon at dinner, when we are all sitting down to eat. The pouches roll back up easily. I gotta say I didn’t much care for the taste, but little miss loved it! I like to mix a little home made jam in it, but if you don’t want baby having sugar you can totally forgo that part. Having the cereal in a pouch makes feeding baby on the go so much easier. You can mix the cereal when you need it, instead of ahead of time. Baby food is always one of those things that taste better when made fresh. 

The nice thing about baby cereal is you can mix it with warm breast milk, which will help sweeten it up a little, or warm water. Just pour a little bit into a small bowl and add you liquid choice, then mix. The cereal does thicken a little as it absorbs the liquid. Remember baby is just learning to eat so most of the food will end up on the bib. 



Add one 0.5 oz packet to 2-3 oz of hot or cold liquid. Combine WutsupBaby and liquid to form a puree.

 Semi-solid foods:

WutsupBaby can be combined with fresh mashed fruit for a semi-solid meal for babies who are transitioning to solid foods.

Solid foods:

WutsupBaby can be added to existing rice, soup, porridge or milk-based dishes for extra texture. WutsupBaby can also be added to baby’s favorite juices. 

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