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Heat Holders is the best brand, for socks, that I’ve found.

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This is perfect for 5 year old, Jacob, this year, who is starting Kindergarten.  He loves the warmth of his socks.  They really hold the heat.  When we have the air conditioner on, he puts them on, to keep him warm.  It’s so nice that they have a children’s 10-2 1/2.  Jacob is in a 10, so they will fit for a while.  I’m so excited, as is Jacob.  He’s so ready for those cold, winter mornings, now.  He discovered the softness of Heat Holders Socks, as well.  There is a large variety of colors for children as well.  Green, Red, Blue, Purple, etc.  Check them out now.

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For me, I got a blanket.  I love Heat Holders Blankets.  So soft, and keeps me warm in this air conditioning.  I’ve known of Heat Holders for a few years now, and I’ve been purchasing from them for about 3 years.  This was my second blanket, and my husband has tried their socks, and loves them, as well.  The Blanket is oversized, and we both fit under it.  I have it on my Queen sized bed, and it fits perfectly.

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I also got a Men’s Hat, because I thought this would keep Jacob warm in the winter.  But, it’s actually too big on him, when other knit hats, his daddy’s size, fit.  This is great, because now he can grow into it.  I did have Joe, my hubby, try it on, and it fits him perfectly.  He said maybe he’ll have to keep it, and buy Jacob a different one.  He loves it!

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