The JUMPY Plus Smartwatch Can Help Your Child Be More Responsible


Have you heard about The JUMPY Plus Smartwatch? So much is offered in this little gem.  Kids seem to want responsibilities at younger ages anymore.  Yet giving a young child their own smartphone that allows them to access the internet or receive calls from someone you may not want them to can be a valid fear. 

On the other hand, though we want our kids to be able to contact us if they miss the bus or an after school activity is canceled.  Why is the JUMPY Plus Smartwatch better than a cell phone? Well, cell phones are made for adults or teens and the JUMPY Plus is made and customized for kids ages 4-12 years of age.

What are the positives of the JUMPY Plus?

JUMPY Smartwatch

You as the parent will be in control. 

We all want to make sure that strangers will NOT have a way of reaching our kids! That’s why we are giving parents 100% control access. We have always talked about ‘stranger danger’ with our kids so this is a way to back up what we have been teaching them.

You will be able to preset 5 phone numbers for your child(ren) to call if needed.  Your child will not be able to call or receive calls from any unknown numbers.  If you are curious what is being said on the phone you can record and listen to your child’s phone conversations anytime you would like. This phone also has the ability to monitor your child’s daily activity level and see if they are getting enough exercise. 

Are you surprised at just how much this smart watch can do? I know I have been very impressed. To answer your next question, YES the JUMPY Plus smartwatch works just like any regular cell phone.  You have the ability to set-up a monthly calling plan with any of your country’s cell phone provider.  If you would like to see which carriers are compatible you can go here.

Yes, the JUMPY Plus smartwatch works just like any regular cell phone. You can set up a monthly calling plan with any of your country’s cell phone service provider. To learn more about mobile carriers and availability just go here to see which mobile carriers work with The Jumpy.

JUMPY Smartwatch

What are some of JUMPY’s special features?

This smartwatch includes a daily activity assistant which you can set up reminders for your child.  I like this feature as it keeps my child responsible for when she is home to feed the dog or do homework   for instance.

Another awesome feature is keeping track of your child’s daily physical activity.  What I like about this is we do a goal each day to see if they meet their goal.  If they do they get a start on their chart and if not we just try to have been to better.  It makes physical activity fun and gives my child a goal each day.

This smartwatch also has a 1.6″ touchscreen that has a full-color display, a safe magnetic charger which keeps a long battery charge.  They also have interchangeable watch bands that you can customize the theme for added personalization!

The use of the G-sensor technology makes the JUMPY the most accurate GPS tracking device on the market. Now that is something toot your horn about or their’s rather.

The JUMPY Smartwatch

The JUMPY Smartwatch comes in blue, yellow, red and green.  This will give 4 choices and is sure to be a hit. Currently (at the time of writing this) the JUMPY Smartwatch is on sale for $179.00 normally $199.00.




This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post is my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.

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