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I recently received Name Bubbles, Real Shades Sunglasses and a Stasher Bag.  These items are all great, and will help my little Kindergartener to start this school year. 

It’s his first year of school, but I want it to be a great one.  He loves his Real Shades, and never takes them off.  The Stasher Bag will be great for his sandwich, every time that he takes a lunch.  My picky eater will be taking his lunch a lot.  And the Name Bubbles are perfect for his stuff, so it doesn’t get misplaced.  He loves all of his items, and can’t wait to use his stickers.  I’m so excited, because he does love them, and wants to use all the items.  He asked how soon we could start labeling stuff.  Being that school doesn’t start until September 6, I figured we should wait a little longer.  However, the Name Bubbles are super durable, and will hold up.


Real Shades Sunglasses are so cool, for any little boy/girl.  You can get them in different styles, and your child will enjoy them for this school year.  They will last longer, but if you are like me, they will get a new pair next Summer.  Jacob, age 5, tends to lose things easily.  It’s my fault really, because I should keep after him and his items.


Name Bubbles are wonderful.  I love the durability of them.  We did label a notebook, for Back To School, and the notebook is ready to go.  The Name Bubbles is stuck on the notebook, and is perfect.  Jacob loves it.  Again, he can’t wait to use more.


The Stasher Bag is a reusable Sandwich Bag.  It’s perfect for Jacob, in his first year of school.  The sandwich will easily come out of Stasher, and make it easy on Jacob.  The easy open top is just that, easy to open.  I’ve already had him try it out, and he loves it.  Wants to label it with the Name Bubbles.

I think all three of these items would be great Back To School products, whether you have Seniors, or Kindergarteners.  They will look super cool carrying these products to school.

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