Want to See the World, do it in Style by Using Crowdfunding


Want to See the World, do it in Style by Using Crowdfunding

For a long time, traveling around the world has been a luxury for the wealthy. However, anyone can afford to travel around the world, thanks to crowdfunding. You should know that there’s more to crowdfunding than just creating a page, publishing it online and waiting for money to come in. Instead, you have to think about why people would be interested in supporting your world travel and what value you can give them in exchange for their hard-earned money.


Today, the purpose is to give you some valuable crowdfunding tips that will take you a long way into raising funds for your dream trip around the world. Let’s get started!

Research, Research, Research!

You have to ask the question if there have been people who have been successful using crowdfunding for travel before. The only way to answer this question is through research. You need to find out how they fared with their project, and if they were successful. You need to find out:

  • How much money they raised.
  • What rewards they offered, and at what price points?

Be Original

After reviewing several projects, you should be able to tell why your travel plan is much better than the other 15 people who are asking for help funding their trip. Ensure that it is at least as fascinating as the ones that were funded successfully. Offer an edge that successful campaigns offered and give something original that no one has offered yet whether that be a video blog, digital postcards, or volunteering your time while traveling abroad.

Pre-launch Works Wonders

It is important to show the draft project page to friends and strangers to get their advice on how to refine it. Their advice can make a difference in your campaign. If the project is remarkable, word-of-mouth should give your crowdfunding campaign wings.


Promote Your Campaign

The promotion of your fundraiser should be your part-time job for the whole length of the campaign. Capitalize on the social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, but avoid spamming your followers, unless the campaign has reached a critical stage.

Your family, friends, face-to-face communities, as well as online communities, will be your major contributors. However, you need to be careful not to overwhelm them with calls for funding. If another fundraiser was run recently, which drew heavily from a particular community (such as church, workplace, educational group, or sports team), do not run another campaign immediately after it.

Show Your Commitment

The most significant and ethical way to solicit a contribution for a travel fundraising drive is to highlight the efforts you have personally put into the goal. Your answers to the following questions should be positive:

  • Did you work and save for several months before this campaign?
  • Did you conduct hundreds of hours of background research?
  • Have you taken considerable time to study a language?

These are some of the hard facts that draw true crowdfunding energy. Hence, if you aren’t ready to put in the work, then it’s certainly not time to start a campaign. Crowdfunding tips are powerful tools that needs to be used sparingly.


Crowdfunding is quite a unique way to solicit funds for your projects. Its popularity is growing rapidly due to its effectiveness. Given the fact that it exclusively relies on the public funding your idea, the idea must be top-notch and your pitch must be excellent. This does not exempt raising funds for travel expenses, and hence you must follow the above tips to realize your travel goals.


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