Prepare Little Ones For Back-To-School, While On The Go!


With so little time and so much to do, parents need all the help they can get when it comes to teaching kids the basics and getting ready for school. Teach My, makers of award winning learning toys have come to the rescue with an innovative, screen-free product that helps teach little ones the basic skills, while on the go.

Learning On The Go by Teach My encourages hands-on-learning while, travelling. The simple, lightweight carrying case allows little ones to learn their basics, while out and about. Weighing just 1 pound 5 ounces, the case is easy to grab on the way out the door.

From the alphabet and numbers to colors, shapes and word building, your mini scholar will be so busy having fun, they won’t even realize they are learning!

A magnetic dry-erase board with coordinated magnets, learning cards and washable pens provides the perfect spot to encourage learning on the move.

Take the Learning On The Go set on your next car ride, plane trip, train journey, to a waiting room, restaurant or Grandma’s house!


  • 5” x 11” Nylon Carrying Case With Handle
  • Magnetic Dry Erase Board
  • 54 Magnetic Tiles With Letters, Numbers, Shapes & Colors
  • 10 Double Sided Learning Cards
  • 2 Washable Dry Erase Markers

Designed for Ages 3+

Learning On The Go by Teach My is available at,,, and more.

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5 years ago

Will have show my daughter. She is always looking for way for kids to learn.

Terri Beavers
5 years ago

I could sure use this for Abby. She’s been having some issues with some of her subjects. I’ll have to see what all they have to offer that will help her. It would help me too because it would keep her busy while we’re traveling.

Liz Mays
5 years ago

This should definitely be useful when trying to keep those skills sharp while traveling. I like all of the subjects it covers.

5 years ago

I’m definitely looking into getting my two neices this. Thanks so much for sharing.

5 years ago

I love on the go learning. There really are so many ways to help teach kids while having fun and when one can do this on the road? Makes it even more perfect. Glad you shared 🙂

Joanna Everyday Made Fresh

This reminds me of something similar we had in the prek classroom that I used to work in. The kids loved it!

Jaime Nicole
Jaime Nicole
5 years ago

This would be really awesome for the car! I love toys that help kiddos learn on the go.

Angela Ricardo Bethea
5 years ago

I will definitely share this to my friends who have kids. This will surely be very helpful for them. Awesome way to get back to school.

Carol Cassara
5 years ago

That’s awesome. It’s good to have activities like this for the kids that’s easy to pack up especially if you’re going on a trip. It’s not just going to allow them to have fun but they’ll learn as well.

Sue Reddel
5 years ago

What a wonderful idea! We travel a ton and this learning kit would be just perfect.

5 years ago

This is great! Looks like the perfect activity to keep kids busy on the go and I love that it gets kids learning, too!

Marielle Altenor
Marielle Altenor
5 years ago

This would be perfect! My daughter won’t be attending daycare for a while so I’m thinking of starting tot school with her.