Tips to Remain Fashionable While Going Through a Pregnancy


When it comes to dealing with your pregnancy, a popular misconception is that pregnancy prevents you from wearing certain fashionable clothing such as jeans. 

However, today’s fashion trends can still be very accommodating to you while going through a nine-month pregnancy. 

The maternity clothes industry today snag the fashion trend for the mother to be. Just because you have a baby bump does not mean you have to choose suddenly from a limited amount of clothing apparel and be fashion conscious while pregnant.

Five tips that can help you look stylish through that nine-month period.

1) Keep Wearing Clothes that Makes you Comfortable

Sometimes, looking fashionable can be a state of mind. If you feel comfortable dressed in a particular clothing item from your wardrobe, then go ahead and do so. If you like wearing tight-fitting clothing or prefer regular clothing, go ahead and wear it because that is who you are. When you consistently act relaxed and comfortable with what you are wearing while you are pregnant. You can give off that look of being relaxed and comfy.

Even fashion models tend to wear what they usually wear that presents an individualized look, and they make it work. Instead of trying to dress defensively, they do not bother as this tends to possibly show a woman who is suffering through their personal shortcomings.

One way to accomplish this is simply to purchase your usual clothing style but buy a size or two larger.

Another thought is that going through this period is the only time you may wear maternity clothes. Why bother making over your wardrobe completely during this short period. Instead, act comfortable with who you are and your clothing style preferences.

2) Wearing Jeans during a Pregnancy 

The maternity clothing industry has taken steps forward when it comes to displaying a pregnancy’s fashionable side. However, if you are still a pants girl, then you can still wear jeans.

These days, there are many places you can go that offer attractive jeans for pregnancy, both at a retail store or online. Many such maternity jeans feature elastic waistbands to allow for your baby bump. Others jean brands have drawstring bottoms or an adjustable panel, which will not constrict on your expanding stomach.

Jeans always represent a relaxed, but stylish look. So wearing jeans in whatever trimester you are in shows how comfortable and relaxed you are about your body even with an ever-expanding belly.

3) Show Some Skin 

If you truly are conscious about your pregnancy bump, then flaunt other areas of your body. Showing skin along the arms and legs can cast eyes away from your stomach.

During pregnancy, your bosom increases in size and will be larger than normal. Why not show off the skin on your neck and chest in an attractive manner. Consider wearing a plunging neckline to showcase your beautiful mama to be figure.  Plunging necklines are a popular trend among pregnant women. 

Too many, women going through pregnancies are often found to be sexy through other means. So consider wearing long tank tops or low-cut T-shirts and accentuate other parts of your body.

4) Snug and Skinny is better than Bulky

Some women want to hide the baby bump. Other women say, “Accentuate and flaunt your baby bump.” Do not be afraid to highlight other parts of your body which can still highlight your skinny self.

Wear leather leggings or knitted sweaters that have a snug look. Adjust your sweater as you can stretch it a bit. The comfy and snug look on a pregnant woman can prove to be more fashionable and comfortable compared to an overdressed look. Snug can still provide a sexy and modern look for today’s soon-to-be mothers.

5) Be Bold and try Different Looks

If you have to change clothing items, do not go for a conventional tame design. Try to be bold and do something new with your look. Many expecting mothers go through their pregnancy trying to be more creative with their fashion choices. 

Pregnant women who try wearing floral shirts or flowing dresses show off their attractiveness and fashion sense wearing bright colors or all-black attire. 

Bright colors or color blocks on the shirt front is another style choice. If you are only going to be wearing these clothes over a nine-month period, why not try a new style and see how you like it. What you decide to wear during your pregnancy may end up as favorite attire after you give birth. 


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