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If you’re seeking to find a good app that is aimed at primary school children who have dyscalculia? I believe many parents and adults will find the Meister Cody – Talasia online game very helpful.

You see, this learning software is based on the CODY project (Computer Aided dyscalculia testing procedures and training), which is supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and is based on the results of scientific studies of the Institute of Psychology at the University of Münster. The CODY-level test, which can be completed at the beginning, shows the mathematical ability and gives an assessment of dyscalculia or dyscalculia from. The training can be oriented so directly on the test results. It adapts it individually to the pace of the child, so that it is always so that it is always challenging and fun.

The great thing I found about the Meister Cody – Talasia app is, your child can take a test to evaluate and grade dyscalculia right from their website. The test will roughly take about 40 minutes at the most. Once the assessment has been completed phase two will begin which will be: Training Your child is ready to start the journey through the magical and motivational world of Talasia. To maximize benefits their researchers recommend children working on the program 30 minutes a day, five days a week, for a minimum of six weeks.


This test is very important and to get started you must arrange taking the test on the website by creating a user account. Make sure to follow all sign up requirements. Once signed up there will be five free learning units or either five days of training available. If you wish to move forward with a monthly subscription the cost would be $19.95 a month. Keep in mind that this automatically extends month after month until you cancel your subscription at the end of the month

If you’re not aware as to what dyscalulia is here is the definition: Dyscalculia “mathematical disorder” denotes significant difficulties in learning or comprehending basic mathematical skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Now Master Cody is a magician who travels into the world of Talasia where its task is to save the kingdom from the dragon Sordan.


During the playful learning journey your children will encounter mathematics as part of their trip, don’t worry they won’t be alone for Master Cody acts as mentor who explained in the course of training the individual tasks. All which is done in a child-friendly language. In being there for your child he will always offer a word of encouragement and praises them along as well as rushing to the aid when necessary and much more.

The developer of the app speak of noticeable and measurable successes already after 4-6 weeks. I can truly believe that because the moment you put a child or adult in a fun learning environment even if it is an app, they seem to adapt and learn better. They feel comfortable and more able to understand and learn more without the fear of being challenged or having anxiety.

You see children already have enough on their hands and if an app like this can help them refocus their energy to learning in an areas that is weak, I’m all for the Meister Cody – Talasia app!

By now you maybe wondering what is included in the subscription. Well you will have access to all the learning units, training games and history tests on, as well as the browser-based online application and the app.

Here is video that can help you understand Dyscalculia in adults and answer some of your questions:

You can download the Meister Cody – Talasia app via Appstore and make sure to visit the website to learn more.



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