The Top 5 Devices for Severe Hearing Loss in 2017


Hearing loss is caused by dysfunction of the inner ear. The common reason for the sensorineural hearing loss is damage to the hair cells in the cochlea. Fortunately,  hearing loss can now be fixed thanks to the creation of hearing aids. A hearing aid is a medical device designed to improve hearing. Thanks to modern technology, hearing aids have improved dramatically. The modern hearing aids are computerized electroacoustic systems that change environmental sounds to make it more audible and comfortable for the user’s benefit. Most hearing aids require adjustments to match the hearing loss problem, the lifestyle of the users and its design as well. There are a lot of latest hearing aid designs that are available for checking. If you are planning to get one fitted in your ears, you must first consult a doctor or an audiologist to pick and adjust the right hearing aid for you. Each person has a preference when it comes to choosing the right hearing aids. We came up with the top five devices that will cure your hearing loss. After consulting your doctor, you can choose any of the things below to help you listen better.

  1.    PhonakNaida V

This hearing aid has been the top pick for most users because of several reasons. The number one reason is that it has three style options to choose from namely, RIC which is the normal setting, the BTE SP which is a sensitive setting compared to RIC and the BTE UP or the ultra-power setting. With these three fitting ranges, it is assured to provide more amount of gain for your lack of hearing. IT also has an IP68 rating which means that reliable and durable even in dusty and wet conditions. It can also be connected to a phone which allows the user to hear the phone conversation directly. PhonakNaida is one of the most versatile products in the hearing aid market.

  1.    Sonic Cheer-20

Cheer-20 has the right amount of features to satisfy the user’s needs and even provide comfort. It has the combination of technology, convenience, and value which allows the user to experience natural sound. It also features a Bluetooth connectivity to your phone, music players with just a push of a button. With this hearing aid, everything sounds better.

  1.    Oticon-Sensei

Oticon-Sensei caters to the needs of children who lost their hearing at a young age. It ranges from an infant to a teenager. It is the most recommended product for children because of its optimized speech understanding even in a complex environment. It also offers flexibility and adaptability to the daily needs of the user. The Oticon-Sensei is the most dedicated when it comes to solving a child’s hearing loss.

  1.    Bernafon- Saphira 3

Bernafon- Saphira is the most basic of the Saphira line-up. It is a mid-range hearing aid. It is also a budget-friendly product in case you are trying to save cash. Although it is basic compared to the other Saphira line-up, it has all the core features of the Saphira 5. From the Speech Cue Priority and adaptive noise reduction to the adaptive directionality, the Saphira 3 has them all. The only lacking in its feature is the live music program and noise reduction features. Overall, the Saphira 3 has not sacrificed the important features needed in a hearing aid. It can still match the other superior products.

  1.    Rexton- Day +

The Day + is an affordable product for anyone looking for a high-quality hearing aid. It has almost the same core features of the superior and expensive brands of hearing aid. There only difference is that it is affordable. With numerous features built into the device, the Day + delivers exceptional sound quality and comfort to the user.

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