UpGift – Group Gifting To Transform The Way We Give


Have you ever calculated just how much time and effort you spend looking and shopping for that “perfect” gift? The average US shopper spends over $900 during the holiday season and countless hours searching for gifts.

UpGift wants to change that and bring the focus to giving experiences, not stuff. Get rid of the clutter, get rid of the stress, and welcome the word of making memories with experiences with the help of UpGift. 

UpGift – Group Gifting To Transform The Way We Give

UpGift works seamlessly by allowing users to create their own wants or list for themselves or others. Once created, that list can then be shared with family and friends! No more guessing involved! 

Let UpGift take the holiday gift-giving season by storm! There are so many options for using UpGift…they are truly endless. But the entire point of using UpGift is that you can give a gift or contribute to a gift of “experiences” for someone that you love and care for. You can use UpGift for fitness classes, kids classes, and any other fun and different ideas that you may think of! 

Does someone in your life have a want to learn how to play guitar? Give them the gift of lessons through UpGift! 

Let UpGift take your Christmas and holiday season from good to great! 

UpGift – Live a Fuller Life Doing Things That You Love

The mission of UpGift is to help everyone leave a life free from materialistic wants and needs and instead help with the gift of experiences instead. 

It’s never been easier to make bucket list goals and wants a reality than with the ease of UpGift. It saves time, effort, and takes the guessing out of gift giving entirely. 

This holiday season, rest easy knowing that your UpGift to your family and friends will be something that they actually want and will use! Talk about the perfect Christmas gift idea, ever! 




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