Top 5 Essential Kids’ School Uniform Items for the Summer Quarter


Keeping your child smart and comfortable at school all year round can be a real challenge. There’s so much to choose from and many different activities to cater for, and that’s not to mention seasonal weather. Not all schools require a full uniform to be worn, but it is becoming increasingly common for them to set a basic dress code. A few wardrobe essentials will see your child comfortably through the summer. Invest in high-quality items that start off a little on the big side and you’ll be able to mix and match clothes to create a stylish and practical kids’ school uniform for the quarter.

  1. Basic Short-Sleeve Tops

Buy a few basic short-sleeved tops and combine with different skirts or trousers to create a different look for each day. Uniform polo shirts are a great choice for boys and girls. The collar creates a smarter look than a traditional t-shirt, but a polo shirt is still a casual and comfortable item to wear during a busy school day. Tops can also be layered on cooler summer days as they sit nicely under sweaters and light jackets. Check your school’s dress code before choosing the color and style of tops. If permitted, it’s a good idea to get at least one white top for smarter, more formal events. Polos are designed to have a slightly loose fit, so they’ll still look good if you opt for a size your child can grow into over the quarter. Good stockists should offer a range of sizes, including plus and husky sizes. For an added bonus, they’re easy to embroider and many stockists will offer this service. Tired of new school uniform going missing? Have your child’s initials embroidered on their shirt to make sure items are returned to you if they’re misplaced. Some schools may require this. For smarter events, a button-down Oxford shirt with short sleeves is a great alternative.

  1. Shorts and Skirts

When temperatures soar, full-length school pants will be uncomfortable and irritating for your child, reducing their focus on learning. Invest in several pairs of smart shorts, or shorts and a skirt. Many shorts have a unisex fit and an adjustable waist, making them great value for money as they will comfortably fit your child for longer. Flat-front shorts are the classic choice for smarter occasions. If allowed by your school’s dress code, opt for a pair of shorts in a neutral color. Including neutral items in your child’s capsule wardrobe will ensure it’s versatile enough to meet the needs of all occasions. The same goes for skirts — there are plenty of styles to choose from, but be sure to include one smart scooter or pleated skirt in a neutral color to create a versatile girls’ uniform. Shorts will keep your child cool in warmer weather, but they’re also a practical choice for days of high activity or outdoor play.

  1. A Lightweight Summer Jacket

Even in the summer, the sun may not shine every day. A lightweight summer jacket is an essential element of kids’ school uniforms. A pack-away pullover jacket can be rolled up and popped in a school bag, meaning your child will be prepared for all weathers. They are especially useful for school trips, when children may be outside for long periods with limited access to shelter. This style of jacket will also fit easily over polo shirts and sweaters. Make sure the jacket you choose has a hood to provide protection if it rains.

  1. Summer Shoes

It’s time to put the school boots in storage and invest in a smart pair of summer shoes. Mary Janes are a classic dress-shoe style for girls. They’re smart, stylish, and comfortable. You can find a great selection of the most popular school shoes at  Take care to get the right fit and look for high quality — robust soles, adjustable straps, and durable material. It’s also sensible to invest in a second pair of casual shoes, which your child can safely run about in without fear of damaging them. Most school uniform stockists offer a range of summer school shoes that are a cross between a sneaker and a formal shoe. They look smarter than sports sneakers but provide the same comfort and practicality. For a boy’s school uniform, the classic formal choice is an Oxford shoe. The most popular color is black and there are various styles to choose from, including velcro and lace-up.

  1. Lightweight Sweater and Vest

Even in the height of summer, there will be times when a sweater or vest is needed to keep your child warm. Cardigan sweaters are a great choice for both boys and girls during this season. They lack the bulk of winter sweaters yet will provide an extra layer to keep your child warm when the sun dips behind the clouds. Sweater vests offer the same benefit and are perfect for more formal occasions. Choose a few color options to add variety to your child’s wardrobe — a sweater vest is a great way to add a summery color pop.

You’re All Set for the Summer Quarter!

Kids’ school uniform shopping can be overwhelming and seem expensive. Give careful consideration to your school’s dress code, the types of activities your child engages in each day, and the climate in your area. Based on these factors, create a simple capsule wardrobe that includes several versions of essential items in sizes slightly larger than required, and your child will be all set. When it comes to the brand, opt for high quality, such as French Toast. This may not be the cheapest option, but it represents the best value for money in the long run. Providing your child with an appropriate, stylish, and comfortable school uniform means they can focus on getting the most out of the school day without worrying about what they’re wearing.

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