Top 12 Cleaning Games for Kids to Make House Cleaning Fun


Cleaning a house is a boring and monotonous activity. It is also very time-consuming. This is why the majority of people out there don’t like cleaning. 

But it is also true that no one likes a messy house. So, it’s extremely important to get things organised, especially when kids are at home because schools are closed. 

However, cleaning doesn’t have to be a boring task. There are ways to turn this activity into some of the most enjoyable moments of your life. 

In this article, we will talk about a few cleaning games for kids that will make cleaning your house more fun and exciting. It will also help you keep your kids busy. So, let’s get started.

Best Cleaning Games for Kids

Here are some of the best cleaning games for kids:

  1. Create a Toddler Cleaning Kit

It’s no secret that infants and toddlers like to imitate their parents’ actions. If your child also likes to do whatever you do, then you can consider creating a cleaning set for your little one. This way, both you and your kid will have fun.

  1. Give Your Kids a Spray Bottle

Using spray bottles is fun. Kids love these kinds of activities. So, if you let your kids use the spray bottle, they will surely enjoy it. 

  1. A Treasure Hunt Game

You can create a simple cleaning treasure hunt game for your children. It will encourage them to be active and to explore. Just hide the toys and treats here and there in your home and tell your kids to discover them by cleaning up the house. 

  1. Before and After Photos

Today’s kids like to take pictures. They will love to compare their photos taken before and after cleaning. Your child will definitely enjoy it, says Mick from Canberra Bond Cleaning.

  1. Play A Dice Game

Simply create a list of cleaning tasks numbered 1-6. Use the dice to decide in which order to perform different cleaning tasks. It is another great way to make cleaning your house more fun. 

  1. Bring Kid-Sized Cleaning Supplies

Your kids will enjoy helping you clean the house if you provide them with cleaning supplies that are kid-sized. 

  1. Shoot Videos of Your Kids

You can use your phone to film a pretend cleaning commercial. It will make your kids do chores with a smile. 

  1. Use Scratch-off Chore Cards

You can use homemade scratch-off paint to create these cards. This will make chores more fun and exciting for your little ones. 

  1. Fun Laundry Race

Shout a colour and tell your kids to bring all their dirty laundry in the requested colour. The first child to come back will win the race.

  1. Bull’s Eye on the Floor

It is another great way to get your kids to work at home. Just create a small area on the floor using a painter’s tape and ask your child to sweep all the crumbs into that area.

  1. Give Your Kids A Different Character

Do your children love to pretend to be different characters? Then just give them a role to play and let them be that character as they perform the tasks. 

  1. Play Freeze Dance

It is simple. Just play some energetic music and ask your kids to dance and put away toys until the music stops. You can do this as many times as you want.


So, these are some ways to make house cleaning fun. You can use one or multiple ideas. Hope this helps minimize screen time for your kids and learn some concepts of housekeeping at the same time.

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the impossible quiz
1 month ago

my kids love to play clearning gmaes

1 month ago

this is good for online and multi media games .

tank trouble
1 month ago

thanks for sharing this. i love to play games.

1 month ago
Hayley Banks
10 days ago

Okay, I kind of dig the idea of making a customized scratch card for them, and also include some sort of prize, depending on how major/minor the cleaning task would be. Thank you for these tips, I will definitely make use of it for my family.