DIY Decorative Yarn Balls Ideas


Want to add a pop of color to the interior of your home? Looking for an inexpensive way to decorate with some new items around your living room? How about wanting a cheap and easy way to decorate your cabin or cottage during the different seasons? Perhaps your creative spirit is wanting to try a new craft, but you are not in the position to spend a lot of money. That is where decorative yarn balls come into the mix.

Decorative yarn balls can be used to add contrast to the current décor of a room, they can be used to add a pop of color, and they can be used to indicate the changing seasons. They can be used as hostess gifts, or gifts for other special occasions.

The best part of decorative yarn balls is that they are inexpensive to make, they are fairly easy to make, and they are 100% handmade which shows a person how much thought went into their gift. Each of the following decorative yarn ball ideas will require a variety of colors when it comes to the yarn (at least four), craft glue, and any other decorative ornaments you wish to add.

To make the yarn ball, it is recommended you also use balloons to maintain and hold the shape of the ball. Once the glue is dried and the yarn is starched into place, you can pop the balloon and pull it out through the openings in the yarn.

Easter/Spring Yarn Ball for the Entrance

To create an Easter and spring infusion decorative yarn ball – you want colors associated with the season. Think light purple, yellow, blues, and greens to mimic the new growth that comes during the spring and the colors typically found in Easter celebrations. Add into your craft cart a wicker basket to hold the decorative yarn balls, ribbon to tie around the handle, and some Easter based miniature figurines.

Create your yarn balls of various colors, place the green ones on the bottom of the basket (the grass), and then alternate the other colors in place throughout the basket. Allow for the green to peek through but not be prominent. Swirl ribbon around the handle of the basket, attach a hanging Easter bunny and duckling to the handle and voila! You are done.

This decoration would be super cute when placed on display in the entrance of your home as a welcoming beacon to visitors.

Halloween/Fall Yarn Ball for the Treat Table

Celebrate the season with a Halloween and fall harvest yarn ball decoration. Choose richly colored yarn in burnt orange, deep brown, black, and golden yellow. Throw in some ruby red yarn and you have a wonderful mixture that can be on display from September until November!

Create your yarn balls, glue them together in a mishmash of colors, and then place them on a bed of stark black webbing for Halloween. You can even add plastic spiders, bats, and other scary creatures associated with the season. Before Halloween? You can use a deep brown decorative plate to hold your fall colors and bring a bit of the changing leaves outside in nature into your home.

Place this yarn ball decoration on the treat table for Halloween night and you can display it on your entertainment unit for the rest of the fall season.

Winter/Christmas Yarn Ball Centerpiece

A winter and Christmas yarn ball decoration is simple, understated, and elegant when displayed on the end tables of your living room. Choose stark white yarn, deep rich red, and forest green along with a shimmery silver and/or golden yarn. Create your yarn balls and place them in a crystal or glass vase in alternating colors. You can even wrap a braided ribbon around the base of the vase and along the top if you desire. Braid ribbons of red, white, green, and gold (or silver) for a coordinating look that is perfect for the center of your dining room table.

It’s an elegant table centerpiece that can be duplicated in smaller versions for a cascading table centerpiece. If you are feeling really crafty, purchase some small, battery operated LED twinkling lights for a festive punch! Twine these lights around the outside or the inside of the vase to create a reflection of color that is truly beautiful when all other sources of light are turned off.


Now that we’ve rediscovered the wonder and versatility of yarn balls – why not head out to your local craft store and pick up the supplies to make our own! If you aren’t sure of how to go about making them or you want to follow a tutorial, then head over the internet where there are multiple tutorials in both written and video format. Browse through crafting blogs and forums for inspiration and rediscover your creative side!

Do you have a bundle of yarn that is just randomly placed into a basket for storage? Tired of your yarn coming out in a tangled, snarled, mess? Then check out yarn ball winders! These handy little rigs keep your yarn in a smooth ball, allowing it to be ready for use whenever the creative urge strikes you!

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