Starting Out Your Blog? Here’s Tips For Mommies!


So you want to make your own Mommy Blog! That’s great – blogging can be a great way to share your tips and tricks to fellow moms, and even build a community for mommies all over the world. Thing is, making a blog is not as easy as just “writing a blog” and hitting “Publish.” There’s much more to blogging than meets the eye – and if you want to succeed in your Mommy Blog, you’ve got to understand some of its intricacies. This doesn’t mean creating a Mommy Blog is impossible – rather, the wide variety of options you have means you can make a Mommy Blog completely different, profitable, and useful for your many needs. How do you do it, though? Here are some things you can consider:

  1. What sort of content do you want to publish? Having a “Mommy Blog” is obvious enough, as this means you want to publish content about your experiences as a mother. However, it might be in your blog’s best interests to zero in with the kind of content you want to publish. What topics and niches of motherhood do you want to cover? And what sorts of content do you publish – do you want to exclusively write blogs, or do you want to make videos and graphics as well? Knowing this early on can make blogging much more efficient and convenient for you.
  2. What kind of branding do you want to have? In the case of blogs, your “branding” pertains to the “personality” you want your blog to have. When people look at your Mommy Blog, they’ll be reading things not just from your point-of-view, but from the perspective of your blog in itself. Your blog doesn’t need to have your “personality,” as it can have a completely different voice. Again, this depends on your overall intention. When you decide on a branding, decide on its values as well, as this more or less helps you zero in on the kind of tone and message your blogs will have in the long run.
  3. Who do you want to read your blog? Just because you want to have a Mommy Blog doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be strictly for moms. You might be surprised and delighted to learn that blogs for moms can also lean to other topics and other audiences. You can attract home cooks with a cooking-oriented blog, or even dads in relationship-type blogs. Identifying your target audience can make it much easier to make content for your current and future readers, and can help you zero in on the kind of topics they might find interesting.
  4. How professional do you want your blog to be? This question is important as this pertains to the level of “deep-diving” you need to do in the realm of blogging. Other blogs really just start with users writing how they feel, and eventually grow into a medium with its own format and audience. Likewise, others begin their blogs aiming for the top of search engines’ search rankings, taking into account things like Google AdSense, SEO, and profitability. Knowing which of the two (2) you want to follow for now will help dictate how much you have to read up on with regards to blogging as a technical task.
  5. What future features do you want your blog to have? It’s very likely that once you enjoy blogging, you’ll likely go all-out with your website. However, it’s too early to identify points of interest as early as now before you start your Mommy Blog. What sort of innovations and website features do you want your blog to have in the future? Do you want easy sharing to social media? Do you want a weekly newsletter for your clients? Do you want to have an integrated ecommerce platform for your DIY projects? Do you want better multimedia capabilities? Identifying these early on can help you zero in on the kind of money you should earn in a few years, or how much viewership you should have in order to pursue these goals.
  6. How much are you willing to invest in your blog? When we say “how much,” we’re not just talking about money, but time as well. A lot of professional bloggers often spend a bit of money to secure an original domain name, or even have custom designs and features in their blogs. These are completely optional, but these can also be important considerations if you want to level up or amp up your blogging in the future. Perhaps most importantly, you need to be aware of how much time you want to dedicate to your blog as well, so you can schedule your posts appropriately without compromising your schedule as a mother.
  7. Do you want to integrate your work into your blog? When you start a Mommy Blog, you don’t necessarily have to stick solely to the parenting niche. You can cater to a wide variety of audiences for your blog – and it can involve things such as hobbies, interests, and even your personal life, should you desire it. For instance, if you want your Mommy Blog to focus on work and livelihood, you can easily attract an audience – topics like how to use and access different sorts of pay stub, or how to find the perfect employers, can be a good jumping-off point for a Mommy Blog.

Mommy Blogs Require Research, Planning, Execution

With the above tips in mind, you’ll be glad to know that making a Mommy Blog might have a lot of considerations to it, but it’s very fun and possible to do. Blogging can be a great way to share your tips and experiences as moms to fellow mommies out there. Also, it can be a nice hobby to have especially if you want to have a nice time at home, and if you want to have a lot of stories to share with your time as a mommy to your awesome kids. How do you find your blogging experience so far? What plans do you have? Happy Blogging!

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