The Bitter and Sweet Truths About Coffee


The Best Coffee Beans

Which coffee bean is the best, do you think — Arabica or Robusta? Although both have their pros and cons, the obvious points of difference will show that Arabica beans are popularly known to be high quality and rich in flavor, while Robusta beans are a lot easier to grow and cheaper to trade, but contain more caffeine. Regardless which coffee beans you’re a fan of, the next level processes will play big roles as to how your favorite coffee blend taste best.

The Best Roasting Process

Coffee roasting is a process of heating green coffee beans to transform them into aromatic black beans. The nice bitter taste that comes after the process is what everybody loves. However, that great taste and soul-filling aroma are not automatically achieved by just simply roasting any green beans, but would require some important factors. Point of origin or from which geographic region the beans come from, the bean variety, the method of growing, the farmers’ nurturing process, and especially the duration of the roasting process are all key elements in producing the best-tasting coffee.

The Coffee Brewing Equipment

There’s an array of brewing equipment on the market — choose the one that will suit your need and lifestyle. Vacuum brewers are not fitting for everyday use, but are known for producing a clear brew. The percolator, Moka Pot or the stovetop coffee maker all produce coffee by passing pressurized hot water by steam through ground-coffee and are some of the most popular options. There are many others available: the electric drip which is also known as dripolator, the pour-over (which is also a drip-brew machine), the cafeteria which brews coffee and water together at the same time, the espresso machine, and the single-serve coffee maker. You can check reviews from Fancy Coffee Test to learn more about the different types of brewing equipment.

To achieve consistency in the quality and taste of your brewed coffee, ensure safety and cleanliness in all your brewing equipment like filters and grinders. Rinse these tools with hot water and wipe with a dry towel thoroughly.

The Best Coffee Taste

Casual coffee drinkers perceive coffee to be bitter, and would just appreciate it somehow when sweetened, with milk or cream. This resulted in many popular drinks like Affogato, Caffè Crema, Caffè Latte, Caffè Macchiato, Coffee Milk, and Cafe Mocha.

Certified coffee lovers, however, delectably appreciate coffee based on the type of roast: light roast, for people who prefer a milder flavor; medium roast or ‘American roast’ which has a stronger flavor and is light brown in color; medium-dark roast that’s richer in taste, darker in color and a little shiny; and dark roast which is obviously black and shiny and less acidic than the others.  

The Best Brewing Process

The brewing process would just require you to pour six ounces of hot water onto two tablespoons ground coffee beans, which can be adjusted according to your taste preference, and allow it to brew. If you’re using a drip method, allow the coffee to drip for 5 minutes. Another thing to note is the temperature of the water, which should be kept between 196 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit to allow for best results and maximum flavor.


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