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Selling a house in the modern world isn’t like it used to be. With such a huge population in today’s cities and towns, housing development companies stand to make a small fortune with their work, but there have to deal with a lot of competition. As part of this battle, technology has become one of the most popular tools used by real estate agents to sell the properties they have on their books. This post will be exploring some of these gadgets and gizmos, giving you an idea of how this industry is being shaped.


Marketing has become a huge part of real estate over the last few decades. Nowadays, housing developments have to fight to fill up their spaces as quickly as possible, with the most money being made if all of the plots are secured before the building even starts. Of course, to achieve this, special techniques have to be used. You can find some examples of the marketing methods being used by estate agents below.

Websites: A solid website can often be all it takes for a business to be successful, especially in an industry which is dominated by style and trends. Companies are trying all sorts of different ways to make their properties more interactive online, with tools like VR making a huge impact, and even the panoramic photos from smartphones being able to look great. Along with this, some of the newest sites will even have interactive floor plans, though this will be expensive to have developed.

Physical Adverts: When buildings start to go up, the company selling them has an excellent chance to do some physical marketing. It would be a shame the waste the space they have here, and a lot of companies combat this by using their almost-finished projects as physical adverts to sell them. This sort of method is good because it can save a lot of money, while also targeting people who are likely to live in the area already.

Unexpected Adverts: Some of the best property adverts are those which are completely unexpected. Nowadays, there are loads of places for this sort of marketing tool, and a lot of them are left relatively untouched by the property sector. Electronic billboards, for example, can have a lot of impact, but people don’t expect to see homes being sold this way. This sort of route is great in areas with a lot of young people.

Third-Parties: There are hundreds of property websites available across the web. Each estate agent has their own platform, and there are also wider options which compare the offerings of loads of different agents. Having a footprint like this can help them to improve their SEO and get more natural hits on their website, ultimately making it easier to sell their properties to the right people. Blogs are a great way for property owners to do this for themselves, though this can be a lot more effort.

Automatic Updates: Modern people don’t have the time to spend hours each day searching for properties across the web. Instead, to make this easier, while also improving the chance to making sales, a lot of websites offer automatic email updates with all of the newest homes available on any given day. Not only will this give them the chance to make more sales, but it will also make it much easier for customers to get their hands on the property they want. This makes it a mutually beneficial arrangement.


Along with marketing the properties they have on offer, companies like this have to work on making the actual sales, too. This sort of work is often handled by a handful of companies which all have to work together to get the job done. There is a lot of paperwork which has to be completed, lawyers will often have to get involved, and everyone will want to make sure that they get the best end of the bargain. To keep things fair, estate agents will cover as much of this as possible for their clients, using online systems to make it much quicker and easier.

Of course, though, sales aren’t just about keeping things fair, it’s also important to think about the techniques used to convince people to make the purchase. In the digital age, this sort of job as never been easier, and there are loads of tools available which can help with it. Virtual tours of new property will always be very popular, giving customers the chance to walk around a place before they come to visit. Along with this, though, special websites can be used to figure out exactly how to talk to each person based on their age, gender, and other specifics, increasing the chances of getting good results.


Finally, as the last piece of technology to think about, it’s time to consider the payments which have to be made during the sale of a house. It could be very risky to have the money go straight to the seller in this instance. Until they buyer is in their home, the money should stay secure, and this is usually handled by a very old system known as Escrow. Nowadays, a huge portion of this process can be handled entirely online. During the transactions, the money can be kept completely out of reach of humans, helping to ensure that it doesn’t get dipped into along the way. This is essential when homes are being sold across borders, as it can be hard to take action if you’re scammed in this scenario.

Hopefully, this post will show you just how much of today’s real estate industry is powered by technology. Of course, while this post covers a lot of it, there are still plenty of tools out there which people in this field are using which you may not have heard of. This makes it worth doing some research, especially if you plan to sell a home anytime soon, and want to make use of the best tech you possibly can.

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