Everything a First-Time Mom Needs to Know About Baby Showers


Sooner rather than later, pretty much every aspect of your life will revolve around your newborn baby, so now is your chance to throw an exciting bash celebrating your future mother status.

Baby showers are great because they give you the opportunity to feel less stressed about the adventure you are about to embark on, as you get equipped with at least some of the items you will need for the arrival of your baby. However, expectant moms who have never done this before may not know much about baby shower etiquette. Here is everything a first-time mom needs to know:

  1. The Proper Time to Throw It

Like all event planning, timing needs to be strategic. If you throw it too late, you run the risk of needing to cancel your appearance last minute – you might be feeling too unwell, or having the baby! The recommended time period to throw it is between 28 and 32 weeks, or within the early period of your third trimester.

  1. Registry Tips

The registry you send out should have a wide range of prices and items. Most guests tend to spend anywhere from $10 to $30, but some people aren’t able to afford that much, which is why it is helpful to include small items as well. For example, washcloths and onesies are good options for low expense gifts.

The other thing to keep in mind is that very close family members and friends may want to go all out for your special day and purchase a more expensive item, so it is completely acceptable to include big-ticket gift options as well (as long as it isn’t unnecessarily glamorous, like a $2000 designer item). Friends pooling their funds together to get one big gift is also fairly common.

  1. Don’t Throw It Yourself

Sit back, relax, and let your friends handle the execution of the shower. Most people believe that hosting your own shower is tacky, which is why friends or family members should step up to handle the party. Keep in mind that whoever does take on this responsibility is going to have a lot on their plate, and will put a lot of their time and effort into it. Check out the guide here to get some ideas for how to show your thanks to the host for making your baby shower as special and successful as it could be.

  1. Guest List Dos and Don’ts

As the mother-to-be, the guest list really is totally up to you and the host of the event. Don’t feel like you need to keep it to strictly immediate friends and family members, but also don’t feel obligated to invite your grandmother’s neighbor’s niece.

While the guest list is up to your discretion, you should consider your budget as well as the limitations of the venue, as these could play large roles in the number of people you invite. Traditionally, baby showers are only attended by women, but modern times allow for more flexibility here. Determine if you want dads and other male guests in advance so that you can create your guest list accordingly.

  1. When to Open Presents

Should you open your presents after the party or during it? This can vary from shower to shower. While guests enjoy seeing the cute small clothes and colorful stuffed animals, a pile that is huge can turn into a daunting task that runs the chance of boring your guests and also making those who got smaller presents feel bad.

Perhaps a good idea is to open each present upon being presented with it by the guest. That way you can thank them personally and nobody will have to sit through an hour of gift-unwrapping!

  1. What About Baby Number 2?

It used to be considered improper to throw a separate shower for further children, but again, times are changing, and this is completely acceptable nowadays. These events are to celebrate life, so there is nothing wrong with wanting to celebrate every birth!

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Kalie Tenorio
5 years ago

Hi there! I loved reading your post! I recently started a blog and also wrote about baby shower etiquette. I would love for you to check it out. I will be posting again about specific things to include in your registry. I would love to guest blog for you sometime if you are interested!


Telia Williams
5 years ago

Baby showers are amazing events. When you keep in account of all the great tips above they can never go wrong! I would like to add that keeping up with your prenatal appointments is super important when it comes to planning your baby shower, especially if you are high risk of giving birth early. Doing this will keep things running smooth and easy.