The Biggest Day of Your Life: 4 Golden Rules of Wedding Planning


Planning a wedding takes a great deal of time and effort on the part of the couple to be married. By remembering certain rules as the process goes forward, couples find they reduce arguments and plan a day that truly reflects who they are as a couple. Following are four golden rules every couple should adhere to during this process.

Remember What is Important

A wedding is designed to share the joy of two people uniting in marriage with others. Keep this in mind throughout the planning process, as this is the most important thing. If problems begin to crop up between the two of you as a result of the wedding planning, sit down and discuss the reasons you are getting married.

Does it truly matter what type of cake is selected if you want to spend your lives together? Once you focus on what is important, things can get back on track. Don’t allow the preparations to take over every aspect of your lives at this time. Spend time together enjoying life, and allow others to do the work of planning the big day if that process becomes an issue. Clevedon Hall Weddings come with an experienced team, so be sure to rely on them to do the planning while you celebrate your love.

Share Your Vision

The couple to be married should sit down and write out what they envision as the perfect day. With this information, a couple can then determine what to include in their event and what can be left out. Take this even further and write down the one thing that is most important to each person. Make certain those items are included in the event. By doing so, a couple finds their day is just what they want it to be-;a special occasion to celebrate the love they share with each other and with their loved ones. Couples often overlook this simple step and end up regretting it in the long run. Don’t make this mistake.

Set a Budget

No couple wants to start their lives together with overwhelming debt. Set a budget for the wedding and stick to it so cost problems do not happen. Begin by establishing how much you can afford to spend for the entire day and then break it down into different categories. Be willing to compromise on certain areas while remaining firm on others. For example, a bride wants to look her best for the groom as she walks down the aisle. Set aside more money for the dress and less for entertainment and make adjustments as needed.

Confirm Everything

Demand everything in writing so everyone involved knows exactly what they have agreed to and disputes can be resolved quickly. Simply pull out the contract and see what is written in the document in the event an issue does arise. Be sure every party providing services receives a copy of this document as well. Do the same with receipts provided by vendors. Compare them to the contract that was signed to make certain they are in agreement. If there is any discrepancy, refer back to the contract to see who made the error.

Keep these golden rules in mind at all times. They may need to be printed out and put in a planning binder or something of that nature so they don’t get overlooked. Couples who make these rules a priority when planning their event find the process goes smoother and they have the perfect wedding for them and nobody else.

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