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sonya logoIf you’re in need of a few luxury bedding items let me introduce you to Syona Home, the friendly online store that can transform your sleep and bedroom. Syona Home is a Seattle-based startup specializing in premium quality and environmentally friendly bedding that’s high quality bedding from 100% organic and Fair Trade Certified™ cotton. Syona Home is founded on the core message of better sheets, better sleep and better life.


Here’s a little more about Syona Home: “Our products are a manifestation of our values and our commitment to sustainable living. Every aspect of our work is a reflection of those values,” says founder and CEO Sukanta Nanda.

All of Syona Home’s products are made from the purest cotton, crafted in classic designs, and priced 50-70 % less than luxury brands of the same quality. With their direct-to-consumer model, consumers can expect to get the best sleep possible at home. You can’t beat their prices and of course their unique designs speaks for themselves also.


Syona bring to you the finest, 100% organic cotton, they have partnered with Chetna Organic, a farmers’ association that focuses on sustainability for its members. In addition to using natural seeds, natural fertilizers, and natural means of pest control, Chetna Organic taps into local resources and uses sustainable financing to achieve food security and seed sovereignty. With more than 35,000 farmers in its ranks and growing, their model minimizes the risk to farmers of variable credit markets and temperamental weather.


Syona made sure to hear what the consumers wanted in having good quality luxury bedding at an affordable price. After all if the consumers are not happy nor will the company be happy. That’s why Syona focused on “Making high quality bedding more affordable benefits consumers, farmers, manufacturers and the environment. It makes Organic and Fair Trade products more accessible, and the increased durability means customers repurchase less and producers create fewer products, limiting the negative impacts of the pesticides and harmful chemicals on environment.”

The best part Syona Home is not only are you getting awesome bedding that can help transform your sleeping and your bed. Syona Home donate 15% of their profits towards developing and uplifting rural communities through two major organizations – charity:water, an organization working to improve rural communities’ access to clean water, and Smile foundation, which empowers women and children in rural Indian communities through education and access to healthcare.

smilesmileHey, you have to love a company that not only offer good quality luxury bedding but also give back to help organizations!
Now let me share with you about the Syona Home Team: They are a family team working out of Seattle, Washington. At Syona Home, they see their products as a manifestation of their values and their commitment to sustainable and ethical living. They created Syona Home to be the vehicle through which they can create sustainable change and give back to the communities we come from. How Beautiful!!!
Sukanta Nanda
CEO | Co-Founder

Sukanta is the CEO of Syona Home, managing marketing, operations, and overall strategy. Sukanta grew up in rural India, experiencing many of the issues faced by the farming community. He brings all his experiences into his work at Syona Home, spearheading our drive to create sustainable change in farming communities.

He has worked in the software industry for over 25 years and is an avid hiker.


Rohit Arabind
COO | Co-Founder

Rohit heads Syona Home’s financial side. He is a graduate student with a degree in Economics from the University of Oxford. He has worked with research teams trying to improve market access for rice farmers.

He has a passion for economic development and loves traveling.


Namrata Panda
Chief Designer | Co-Founder

Namrata is a brilliant artist and engineer who heads Syona Home’s design process. She has a history of combining art and social work, and has used proceeds from her artwork to support numerous charities. She works in tandem with our factory workers to make beautiful and high quality products.

Namrata has over 20 years of experience in the IT field and enjoys cooking.

You can always visit the Syona Home website to order your own Free Swatch Fabric so you too can see for yourself the difference between their line and the department stores. Get ready to experience the smoothness and luxury of their sateen bedsheets and duvet covers.



Syona Home’s founders think Syona Home’s beddings are unique for these reasons:

1. Made of 100% organic cotton, support sustainable farming practices.

2. Priced at 50 – 70% less that luxury brands of the same quality

3. Makes a difference to the life of farmers and factory workers by consumer driven social change.

4. We are 15%of our profit towards providing clean water and primary education to the rural communities.


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