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So many clicks throughout the day.  Where to begin, well my first click is the alarm clock, you know turning it off.  Then the coffee maker, turning it on.  I also click the buttons on the washer (or dryer) when I’m doing laundry.  Once I’m ready to go, I click my key to unlock my car, then I click the button (in my car) to lock the doors.

When I get to Walmart, where I spend half of my life, I click my keys (to lock the doors & set the alarm on the car).  I click the button on the soda machine, after doing my shopping, and stopping at McDonald’s (inside Walmart). 

The most important clicks come close to dinner time.  I put the dinner on the Nuwave, and click 3 buttons to make it cook.  I put mashed potatoes in the microwave and click 3 minutes, stir and click to cook for 2 more minutes.

Even more important than dinner, when I go into the bathroom and click my #Lysol Click gel™ Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner to make sure there is a Click Gel readily available to keep our toilet clean. 

Then when crawling back into bed at night, I click my alarm button for the next day. 

These are all my important clicks for the day, what are your important clicks?  Leave a message below telling me your important clicks.


#Lysol Click gel™ Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner really works, it turns the toilet bowl into a magic wonderland, and cleans the toilet thoroughly.

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