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This past December I had to pleasure of visiting the Chalk Ink headquarters in Austin Texas.  I will admit I am not that ‘crafty’. I have learned though with some step by step guidance I can make myself look like I am. You can visit my post from December here.

With the quality of Chalk Ink markers, the first and only chalk ink marker of its kind there are so many possibilities when creating.  You can decorate for different holidays by creating on glass, chalkboards, painted chalkboard surfaces (it is always a good idea to check your surface in a small area to make sure it is compatible with the Chalk Ink Markers.  

I have been trying to figure out what I would make with the markers to show that I have learned something from being home.  Sadly life gets in the way and I finally sat down and did two little projects.

With the help of Lily & Val‘s book I was able to go through a few of her tutorials on Chalk lettering and created two signs.  I was quite impressed with myself when I was done and hope to be able to get more practice time in before I share my next project with you.  I will be incorporating more of the actual Chalk Ink markers also in my next post.

This first one I call “Crazy Flower” mainly because it took on a life of its own.

Chalk Ink Markers Austin Texas

I have to be honest although it took me quite a few tries, I was impressed with my end result.  The main reason is because I didn’t have Anilyn there in the room reminding me of width and placement.

The second thing I did was just chalk because I wanted to prove to myself I could do it based on one that was in Lily & Val’s book.  Again it took me a few times, but with following her directions I am pleased with how it came out in the end.

Chalk Ink lets be forever friends

With college coming into full swing soon the possibilities are endless in what you could do to decorate a dorm room.  Go to Chalk Ink’s website to find all of the supplies you need to start creating, you might be more talented than you realize!

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