Suggestions To Simplify Home Party Planning


Having a home party can be wonderful but planning is always stressful. You want to make this process as simple as possible and there is a pretty large possibility you do not know that much about what has to be done. After all, most people are not professional party planners. With this in mind, here is what you should be aware of through some suggestions that drastically simplify planning a home party.

Always Plan Slowly

It is so common to end up stuffing what you should plan in a week in just one single day. What you should do is separate every single party component and allow around 2 days for it. For instance, if you want to hire a Sydney caterer, allow yourself 2 days to research the best possible options that fit your budget. If you spend one day focusing on menus it is easier to make a great choice.

Focus On A Perfect Guest List

This is good for both a large holiday event and an intimate party. Being really careful with the guest list helps. Most people just keep headcounts but you want to take this further. Having the right visitors mix can easily make or break the entire party. As an example, if the gathering is intimate, you do want some extroverts that could engage shy guests while finding common interests for the well-being of the entire event.

Always Send Your Invites Early

If you do not send the invites early there is always a huge possibility that guests will simply not appear. The invitations should generally be sent around 6 weeks in advance. If people come from another city, it is actually better to invite them around 6 months ahead of time. At the same time, it is a good idea to send formal invitations since the casual invites are so often ignored.

Try A Buffet

What you should know is that menu planning is a true struggle even for those that are professional event planners. A buffet will definitely make everything a lot simpler. Guests can build the plate they really like. You also manage to avoid having to spend a lot of time in the kitchen before your party. Salads and appetizers can easily be prepared ahead of time and people generally appreciate buffets because of the numerous choices that tend to be added.

Music Should Be Chosen Based On Guest Preferences

If you want to completely ruin the mood of the entire party it is enough to choose bad music. You do want to take some time to plan a good playlist that will reflect the preferences of your guests. It is definitely important to think about the type of home party you are planning but in all cases you do want to be sure the desired mood is complemented by the music.


Always take as much time as possible to plan your home party. This is so much more important than what many think. Have patience and do think about all the aspects you have to, one at a time.

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