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Well the kids are headed back to school this week and for many I’m sure it may be a little stressful after being off for the summer. Many children are also starting pre-school, kindergarten, and perhaps a new school. As parents we all know how emotional this can be on our children especially for those first time preschoolers.

Now listen, Stephen Joseph Gifts is here to make things a little easier afterschool for your little ones. You see, Stephen Joseph has a new line of products called: Create Your Own Costume .


These unique costumes will encourage your children’s imaginations to flow with great creativity. With these sets your children can create their costume any way they like and it’s the perfect afterschool activity!

The Create Your Own Costumes are available in many different styles like: Princess, Pirate, Super Hero, Mermaid, Butterfly and Knight.


Each set comes with 6 crayons to color your costume.  The girl set come with 6 crayons and an assortment of 50 gem stickers to add!

We wanted to see for ourselves just how the Create Your Own Costume would work so we opened one of the girl sets, actually the Princess one.princessstephen1When we laid everything out that was included in the box, we saw a costume, matching head piece, 50 piece gem sticker assortment and of course the 6 crayons.

Within minute Lex started doing her coloring and wow was she excited. She started on the waist of the costume and added a gem. We both couldn’t believe just how easy it was to color this costume with regular crayons.


The material feels like a plastic like vinyl type of material but to be honest I am not sure what it’s made of, each costume and headband has Velcro snaps so your child can snap on his or her costume with ease!

You can even use your own set of coloring crayons or the non-toxic crayons that come with the set. These sets are recommended for children ages 3 & up but also beware there are small gems that can be a choking hazard so make sure you are supervising your children at all times if they have the set with the gems.

Another great thing about these sets is your children can create their costume themselves for Halloween. Just think, everyone else will have a costume they purchased from the store but your child will have on a costume that he or she created themselves thanks to Stephen Joseph

So the next time you’re looking for a good afternoon activity for your kids, check out the Create Your Own Costume from Stephen Joseph



Includes costume and matching head piece

  • Comes with set of 6 crayons
  • Girl designs come with 50 piece gem sticker assortment
  • Approx. 27.9” x 37.5”

Each Create Your Own Costume retails for $9.99



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