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Yes we know kids are getting ready for summer break. Many kids have started already and many like my kids are still in school and have just under a week left to go before they are out for summer break.

But before you head out for summer break we wanted to share with you a “Sneak Peek” into back to school gear! Their line of Print Backpacks and Print Lunch Boxes are so cute and very colorful.

Today we share with you a few Print Backpacks:


This is the Shark Backpack from I love the color combination of this bag! It comes with 3 zipper areas that will be able to hold all your kids school items plus a mesh pocket to hold smaller items or a nice bottled container. The Shark backpack has two supportive back straps that will help support your children’s back while they carry along everything.

backpackbackAnother cool backpack is their Sports backpack listed below. Your son will truly enjoy carrying this backpack.

backpack sports
From Football to Baseball to Soccer and more this backpack will show your kid’s friends just how much of a sports lover they are. This backpack also has a mesh pocket on the side, 3 zipper compartments and back straps to again support your children’s shoulder as they carry all of their items.

backpacksports2These bags along with many other Backpacks can be found via this Fall! Don’t worry girls, has a nice selection of cute girly backpacks too. Take a look at this one:

Cute wouldn’t you say? I love the color combination and the print with the Castle, Princess and Horse, this backpack most definitely will catch your little girl’s eye. She would love it! The backpack is just like the ones listed above it also has a mesh pocket on the side, 3 zipper compartments and back straps to support your children’s shoulders!


Each backpack can be adjusted with the use of the straps. Now backpacks aren’t the only thing has for your school children this Fall. You can also get them a nice matching printed lunch bag, this lunch bag matches the shark backpack listed above.

backpacklunchbagsharkThese lunch bags will be the talk of the lunchroom when the other kids see them. But wait, if your little kindergartener needs a nice printed napmat for naptime in school, has those too. This napmat matches the Sports backpack and lunch bag. Mom would need to grab them all so when he or she is preparing for school, they will have everything they need to kick start their day.


backpack sports

Last we have a set of snack containers that are great for both boys and girls. These easy storage snack containers will be perfect for holding your kids lunch snacks. The set comes with many different prints and have snap lids to keep your children’s snack fresh and secured.

They are easy to clean and even easier to store away until further use! Just clean them, stack together and place away in cabinet, These snack containers are available in many different prints also. Both backpacks, lunch bags and containers can be wash off with a damp cloth.

So if you’re looking for a fresh new style of backpacks, lunch bags, snack container, bottle containers and much more visit to see their Fall School Gear!


Stay tune as we will be sharing many other products!



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