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It is no secret that every individual receives information differently. For the last decade we have conducted more studies backing this idea. Maybe you know a student, or have a child that isn’t latching onto the information that they get from school. A team of teachers, artists, and storytellers at are hard at work to change the dilemma with how learning works. The lessons provided through the online educational tutor uses a wide variety of learning processes such as organizing and matching. So they are not limited to multiple choice questions that don’t force your brain to work as hard. 

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  • $9.99 1 time payment

When you come across a question you can’t figure out on sofatutor. You have the option to use a hint that helps you understand how to solve the problem. No matter if you still get the question wrong, you will be provided with the answer. You will also be given a simple break-down of the problem and how to solve it. The team at sofatutor want to make sure you fully understand each step of the problem. So it sticks with you in the long run, not just for a short term. 

sofatutors video lessons are fun, interactive, and entertaining. As people we tend to remember the things we enjoyed, more then the things we are less interested in. I know when my children ask me a question on one of their worksheets. Occassionally I am stumped, and do not know how to figure out the answer. sofatutor has a Homework Chat that your children can turn to if they need a question answered. Professional and passionate teachers are their to help them understand the solution to the problem. This way our children better understand how the problem is solved.  

sofatutor is the best online educational platform of it’s kind. Currently sofatutor offers lessons for Algebra, and are soon bring other curricular like Chemistry, and Biology lessons. A plan for a full curriculum is in progress for sofatutor to expand to a full curriculum experience for all students.  If you go to right now you can let your child try free math video lessons. This way you can see how they interact with sofatutor. SofaTutor could be what puts your child ahead of other students. Right now sofatutor is reaching out to over a million students in European countries. They are now prepared to spread sofatutor all over the world. So get ready America, it’s time to help your child learn at their own pace.

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