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Everyone uses apps these days. An app is a type of software that people use to perform specific apps. Most people use apps on their phones for a huge variety of purposes, such as to send messages, keep notes, help them to keep track of their health, or play games. 

The problem is that our phones contain a lot of information that we’d rather keep secure. Apps are a useful tool, but they can open up an avenue for someone to hack into your device and access this information. This is worrying enough for most people, but especially for families. 

It’s also particularly important for people who run a business, whether it’s a small business from home or a larger venture. In short, everyone should pay attention to the security of their devices and data. 

Keeping Your Phone Secure

The first step to ensuring that your data is secure is as simple as keeping your device safe. Never give your phone to anyone you don’t know and trust, and certainly don’t leave them alone with your unlocked device. It can take someone moments to transfer data from your phone to another device, or to install a virus on your device that does this for them. 

Ideally, you should keep your phone locked with a pin, password, or pattern. Most devices include setting up one of these as an automotive part of setting up your device in the first place, but it’s still helpful to know how to set and change these basic settings. Change your password now and then.

Keep your data and personal information to yourself. If an unsolicited message or text asks for information or tells you to click a link, then don’t. Even if it seems to come from a trusted source, you should contact them to confirm the request. A bank won’t simply ring you up or email you and ask for your card details. 

If you do purchase online, then log out of the site after making a payment. You should also avoid making purchases on public Wi-Fi. A good rule of thumb is to turn off your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when you aren’t using them, as these leave your device open for someone to access it. Yes, it’s convenient to leave them on, but it’s very simple to switch them on or off when you need to. 

Finally, keep your device physically safe. Treat it with care and don’t leave it in a public place. If you suspect that it’s been stolen or lost, then immediately contact your service provider and your banks, so that your device can be shut down. 

If you’re worried about losing your data, then back it up on a secure cloud or physical device. Insurance can protect you financially as well, allowing you to repair a broken phone or replace it.

Application Security

With this in mind, how can you protect your device’s apps specifically? This is where application security comes into play. What is application security?

In short, application security refers to different security measures and features in applications that protect them against threats. 

When it comes to using apps, there are several ways that you can make sure that your apps are safe. First, only ever download an app from a trusted store. Google Play, the Apple Store, and other sources. If an unknown number suggests that you click a link or download an app, don’t do it.

As well as making sure that your apps come from a secure store, you should also keep them in tiptop condition. Make sure that your apps and operating system are kept up to date. Many updates remove any vulnerabilities, so keeping your apps out of date leaves them open to being exploited.  

This is again where the aforementioned application security is important. Cybercrime is constantly changing and evolving, so technology has to evolve alongside it. If you allow your application to go out of date, then you aren’t taking advantage of the work being done behind the scenes.

Cybersecurity and Business

If you run a small business from home, then this is something that’s even more important. You don’t just have your personal data to protect, but you also have the data of your employees and customers. 

So, if you store any data, even if it seems benign, then make sure that you shore up your business’s cybersecurity. If your business makes use of apps, then look into how you or your app designers can integrate greater application security into the design and development process.

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