Protected: Fall Safety Tips For Your Family!


Fall is such a beautiful season! As the air turns cooler and the leaves begin to turn colors and drop from the trees, it’s so important to keep a few fall safety tips in mind. After all, it’s best to make sure all proper precautions and safety awareness is inline so you and your family can avoid some of the dangers that come with the season.

I know for me and my family since the weather is cooler we spend more time inside enjoying our fireplace, furnace, and heaters to keep warm. Even while enjoying these cozy items we still have to make sure they are safe.

It’s the same when it comes to placing all laundry items away. Since the kids will be spending more time indoors you definitely want to make sure all cleaning products and laundry packets are stored in a safe place. With so much time on their hands while indoors, kids can stumble upon these liquid laundry packets before you know it. As parents we know how fast children can move and how naturally curious they are. It is so important to take the proper safety precautions to avoid accidental exposure to liquid laundry packets.

Here are a few safety tips to make sure your laundry room is safe this fall:

  1. Make sure your liquid laundry packets are never left out.
  2. Store them in a high place that you know for sure your children cannot reach.
  3. Add safety locks on your cabinets to prevent your children from opening doors.
  4. Make sure all laundry packets are kept in a sealed original container or pouch.
  5. If your child accidently comes in contact with liquid laundry packets or any household poisons please call Poison Help at 1-800-222-1222.

Here is a wonderful Laundry Safety infographic that all parents should read. Recommended by the American Cleaning Institute.


Not only does the American Cleaning Institute have a great Laundry Safety Infographic, they also have an educational PSA to share with you too. Remember as parents we must be diligent to keep our children safe from household accidents. (

Take the pledge to learn more on how to stay safe this fall season.

Take the pledge to learn more on how to stay safe this fall season.


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