Kids Will SUCK the Youth Right Out of You!


old woman with caneI remember at tender age of nineteen, when I married my high-school sweetheart, my dad gave me some advice. He said, “if you’re going to have kids, have them while you’re young and have them close together so you can enjoy you’re golden years.”

Ummm wrong DAD!   Like what were you thinking?

Kids will SUCK the youth right out of you! 

Looking back, my dad was in great shape when I left the nest. Now I see why he gave me this advice.

But in reality it was not the best advice. Geez, here I am, my youth gone, my bones brittle, hip and knee replacement around the corner, three major back surgeries under my belt from all the heavy kid lifting years, how in the world do they call this the “golden years”? Ugh, 

My kids sucked the youth right out of me and now I’m just old and in pain everyday. What the hell do I do now? 

Okay, so I’m not that old, but I’m sure as hell broken. My body is broken. Geez I may not be that old but I feel a hundred. So tell me how in the world do you enjoy the “golden years”? 

Trust me kids will suck the youth right out of you. 

I’m thinking, my dad should of just said RUN FOR YOUR LIFE WHILE YOU STILL CAN! Because obviously I can no longer run, shit I can barely walk these days. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love my kiddos and I wouldn’t trade them for all the tea in China, but, I would do it differently.

I would live out my twenties as a single woman and have children in my thirties. And then maybe I wouldn’t feel so old while I’m still so YOUNG! 


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Joanna Sormunen
9 years ago

I had my son at late twenties, almost thirty. Now I’m not even fourty and my body feels like hundred. I think it doesn’t matter the age you have them, they still suck the life out of you, lol

Bernadette C @Aimless Moments

My husband sucks more of the life out of me lol. I started having kids when I was 21/22 and they have grown up with me.

christi at sexymoxiemama

I had one child in my 20’s and 2 in my 30s’. It doesn’t get any easier. 🙂

Kay M.
9 years ago

I had all my kids when I was young as well. My first was born right before I turned 18. Now at 53 I have a few problems with my body rebelling on me too, but I don’t blame that on my kids. I blame it on myself. I was pretty wild in my younger years, and I think that’s what did it.

Yona Williams
9 years ago

I don’t have any kids…except for an older stepson and my 9-year-old nephew is the closest thing I have to a child of my own. I wouldn’t say they suck the youth away, but they sure know how to deplete energy levels.

9 years ago

funny! and y’know I’ve gotta say that I’ve seen a lot of people who look twice their age and I always figure that they have kids. All of my friends who had kids early are way more “mature” than I am. Oh well, there’s always those “mommy makeover” places that’ll make you young for just a few thousand bucks. 🙂

Eric Mizner
9 years ago

LOL. As broke as my body is from my kids, and all the grey hair I have at the age of 33 I would not change it for the world. Okay life in the Army and Iraq didn’t help my cause either! I think when my wife and I hit the “Golden Years” we will have wheel chair races and cane fights 🙂
Fun post thank you

Karen @ From the Garden Table

That’s one of the reasons I’m glad I didn’t have my first until 33! Had a blast in my 20’s with friends.

Jackie Houston
9 years ago

This is so true! I’m only 26 and I feel like I’m 50 my bedtime is 9pm if the kids allow that is lol. It’s amazing that such a little person can run a household!

Rachel hirst
9 years ago

i had my children at aged 18 and 22, i could not have had them any closer together. i enjoyed one at home whilst once was at school.i am in my 30’s but do feel much older

9 years ago

WOW! I thought it was just me. I meanI had my daughter at 30. Now she is 3 and I am always in pain. You would think it would be just the opposite I mean I never sit, nap, shop for me, or relax. With the forced upon me exercise from constantly moving you would think I’d feel young and great! Then you have some moms have multiple kids and take naps, shop for themselves, no aches, look, and feel young makes it look so easy.

9 years ago

Kids are kids. People are pissed of because they are growing older. It is just the cycle of life. Like Superman told us “A father becomes a child and a child becomes a father.
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