How to Organize an Awesome Kid’s Party


Getting ready for a birthday party can alarm even the most normally well-organised person as there are a surprising number of details which need to be planned. Fear not – here are some tips that will help you to organise an awesome kid’s party!

Select a Theme

Picking a theme will give you a starting point on what decorations to buy, what food to serve and what games to play. It is important to allow your child to have some input in picking the theme. Character parties such as, Peppa Pig, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Spiderman etc, are very popular with kids. However, general party themes also work just as well such as a pirate themed party or a sports themed party.


Again, your decorations should match the theme. There is a wide range of party decorations now available at both your local party shop or online. Everything from tablecloths to napkins to balloons and streamers can be sourced for your child’s party. Piñatas are becoming especially popular for a kid’s party and are used as decorations as well as a much loved party game which leads us to the next tip!

Activities and Games

Activities and games form a major part of a successful kid’s party. For younger children, you can play age-old favourites such as Pass the Parcel and Musical Chairs. Face painting is another very popular activity with younger kids. You can also hire an entertainer such as a clown or magician, if the budget allows for it of course. Remember, younger children have an extremely short attention span, so each game should not take up too much time or boredom will set in. For older kids, there is less need for structured games and activities as they will prefer to do their own thing.

Party Food and Drink

One of the most important considerations when organising a kid’s party is the food and drink. Finger food such as cocktail sausages, chicken goujons and sandwiches are a popular choice for kid’s parties. If the weather allows, a BBQ may also be an option as burgers and hotdogs will always go down well with the kids. For sweet treats, favourites such as cupcakes and chocolate crispy buns are a must as well as a large selection of sweets and chocolate. Drinks should be plentiful and include fizzy options as well as fruit juices and cordials. As for the birthday cake, whether you bake it or buy it, make sure it stands out – it can be number shaped, character themed, tiered – anything you like – and of course lots of candles!

Party Bags

Finally, all your party guests will look forward to receiving their party bag at the end of the festivities. Make sure to include some sweet treats and a party favor such as an age appropriate small toy or a coloring page and some crayons for younger children. Hopefully these tips will set you on the right path to organizing the most awesome kid’s party but remember, the mark of an awesome party is not that all goes to plan, but that all attendees have a good time! Carlo Cretaro is a freelance blogger and social media consultant for a range of Irish and UK businesses including Sleepymoon Cards UK. Sleepymoon Cards sell unique, beautifully designed baby cards and invitations.

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