How to prepare children for an outdoor holiday


So, you’re planning a camping trip with the family. If you’ve been camping before you will know at least the basics. But, if you’ve never camped before and/or if you’ve never camped with children, planning this trip can be quite difficult.

A love of camping comes naturally to a person and if that’s you then you’re going to want your children to have a good time just like you.

You are unable to plan for everything, for example, cuts and grazes. But don’t worry, these things happen. Here we have compiled some tips to help make the planning and preparation for your camping trip a memorable one.

  • For your first trip consider staying on a camping site and not just an open field. In a proper camping site, you have washroom facilities – so important if you’ve been on the beach or been caught in some bad weather.
  • Keep it short first, just go for a long weekend.
  • Personalize your own/kids’ camping checklist.
  • Pack extra clothing and shoes. Kids can get dirty enough as it is but especially when playing in water, sand and the woods. Invest in some waterproof trousers for your little ones, to help keep them clean during activities.
  • Remember to take toys and games with you. Even though you’ll have lots of activities planned part of the fun is sitting in your tent playing games and spending some quality time together. The Camping Family have got some great gaming ideas for fun with the whole family.
  • Tell your kids to take some home comforts with them. If they’re not used to going away it might be difficult for them.

Get your children involved

  • Plan activities for your camping trip that you know your kids are going to enjoy or would like to try out, such as swimming, fishing, hiking, walking, wildlife spotting, biking or kayaking.
  • Ask them what they want to do.
  • Get them to pack their own bags before leaving (repack them afterwards if needed).
  • Let them get involved with camping chores. They sound boring at home but a lot more fun when camping.
  • Encourage them to keep a scrap book of your holiday – things they’ve found and photos you’ve taken.

Pre-camp out

  • If this is the first time your kids have ever been camping, pitch up a tent in the garden one night and sleep outside. It will be a great experience for them. This gives you great practice for putting up your tent too.
  • Treat your back garden like a proper camping experience. Cook outside and sleep in sleeping bags.Get them involved in this. Why not let them help put up the tent? Bring out the camping flashlight The same goes for when you arrive at the camp site.

Hopefully some of these will help with your camping preparation and ensure you have the best time away with your children. If you need any further tips and advice check out this article, Camping with Family.


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