The Ultimate Guide to Preparing for a Family Hiking Trip


Some people think that when they have kids, their hiking days are over, however; this couldn’t be further from the truth! Hiking is a great way to have fun with your family and combine quality time with exercise and exploration. Hiking with children is different to hiking without them, and you do need to take special care to make sure that they have a successful hike. Here’s our ultimate guide to preparing for a family hiking trip:



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Planning the Family Hike


You’ll need to do a little more planning to have a successful hiking trip with kids. Here are the best tips we can offer you:


  • Change up your goals – the goals you have with the kids should be different to the goals you have on your own. You’ll need to adjust your goal to make sure the children are comfortable and enjoying themselves.

  • Make sure you’re patient – you’ll need to be patient and flexible; don’t try to rush through the hike. If you see an interesting animal or something similar, your kids will want to take a look. Use it as an opportunity to teach them about the natural world.

  • Choose short trails with features – to begin with, you’ll want shorter trails with features for the kids to enjoy. Make sure the trail doesn’t have much elevation, and that they’re lakes, ponds, and waterfalls included.

  • Dress properly – you might need to take spare clothes for  children if there’s a possibility of them getting wet, as they get much colder than adults. Check the weather conditions before you leave!


How to Make The Hike More Enjoyable


The hikes you take with your children should give the kids a sense of adventure. Whether you’re hiking the Annapurna Circuit or simply going for a trek up the woods, you can make it a great experience for the kids. Here’s how to make the hike most enjoyable:


  • Make sure you look for exciting discoveries along the way.

  • Teach kids to look for signs of wildlife; footprints, bird holes, fur, etc.

  • Consider a child’s sense of time. Be patient and allow them to ask questions.

  • Let the kids determine how fast you go – their legs are much smaller and will take 3 steps after you’ve taken 1.

  • Give them a rest break before they ask for one, and make sure you tell them how great they’re doing.


Extra Tips and Tricks


  • Make a checklist of essentials that you can use all the time. For example, a First Aid kit, sunscreen, bug spray, snacks, a toy, a special walking stick, extra clothes.

  • Take snacks so the kids keep up their energy and get motivation to carry on.

  • Let your child invite their friends as they get older.

  • Make sure all of the children get a turn to be the leader of the group.

  • Take plenty of antibacterial wipes.

You and your family can have a great time hiking, just follow our tips to have a stress-free, enjoyable experience. Let us know how it goes!

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