Postpartum depression


Most people would assume that mothers of newborns are overjoyed with their new babies and their future motherhood. However, many new moms experience emotions that are far from joy and excitement. After a woman has a baby, her hormone levels plummet. This fluctuation in hormones can cause women to experience severe and debilitating postpartum depression. Postpartum depression differs greatly from the “baby blues” or the mild anxiety that some women feel when caring for their newborns.

Postpartum depression causes severe sadness, horrific anxiety, and crippling fatigue that leaves moms incapable of caring for their babies. Because obstetricians are now aware of how this condition can be effectively treated, many doctors prescribe Geodon for women who suffer from postpartum depression. Even with this medication being prescribed to them, however, some moms have no way to get their prescriptions filled.

Many moms with this condition cannot safely drive themselves to and from the pharmacy. Their spouses and family members likewise may be occupied or busy with work and other commitments. Rather than worry about how the new mother will receive her medication, families can encourage her to buy Geodon from home online at While she rests at home, a new mother can be assured that this website is filling her prescription and readying it to be delivered to her home. She does not have to worry about going out in public or fearing being judged by others because her depression. She can focus on her recovery and bonding with her newborn.

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