Festive fun with the kids? You just want to relax!


Deck your halls and pin baubles to your chest! That’s right – it’s a clichéd opening to a Christmas article!

Expect every article on your favorite website to be replete with references to Santa Clause, Christmas trees and mince pies for the next month, no matter what the subject matter. You could be reading a somber piece on funeral homes, only to see a Yuletide’s greeting crowbarred in with all the grace of a hippopotamus on stilts.

But you’re a working mum. For you, the festive season is the busiest time of the year. You don’t want to be reading about Christmas when your kids talk about it every 4.5 seconds. You want to put the sound of sleigh bells behind you, lie back and relax.

To help you find a spare moment, we’ve come up with a few tips to help you relax. From beautifying regimes to yoga practices, we’ve got it all – so why not take a look?

Rub in the right lotions

The kids are packed off to school and you’ve got all the time in the world. But your face is still showing the wear and tear of looking after kids. It’s time to relax and use some of the best lotions and potions that’ll remove the strain from your face.

For our money, Subd Perricone is your best option when it comes to making yourself look great. Perricone (available here) will tighten any chub under your neck and make you look fantastic. The kids will hardly recognise you at the school gates!

Just breathe

You’ve braved the winter sales and picked up a few bargains – but your stress levels have hit boiling point. So, as you clutch endless shopping bags in your reddening hands, what can you do? The answer is simple – take a deep breath.

Oxygen is Mother Nature’s relaxer. It’s why breathing exercises have been the preserve of cultures for centuries, and why you’re told to breathe when giving birth.

A quick puff of oxygen relaxes the body, treating you to a brief hit of dopamine (the body’s natural drug) and leaving you as relaxed as a Hindu cow.

Your room, your way

No matter how drained you are, there’s nothing like having a room of one’s own (as Virginia Woolf might say). When the kids (or your other half) get a bit too much to bear, knowing that you’ve got a place to retreat to can make those days pass a little easier.

Whether it’s an entire room or just a corner in your living room, furnish your space with your favorite hobbies or pastimes and enjoy them whenever you need to distress.

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