New Vestia Wine Saver Is Your Wine Bottle’s New Best Friend


The Vestia Wine Saver keeps an opened bottle of wine fresh and flavorful for weeks instead of days. To bring this revolutionary product to your bottle, Vestia is currently seeking investors on Kickstarter.

After a long day, the kids are asleep and you have some well deserved quiet time. You uncork an already opened bottle of wine, ready to pour yourself another glass, but you realize that it’s already gone bad in what seems like the blink of an eye!

How many times has this happened to you? Probably more than a few. Since the average bottle of wine lasts only three to five days after opening, you essentially have less than a week to finish it. Between taking the kids to extracurricular activities, working, cooking dinner for the family, and keeping up with the house, it might be a challenge for busy moms to finish a bottle of wine in that limited amount of time.

Unfortunately, once the cork is popped for the first time, the wine inside the bottle is immediately exposed to air. Exposure to the air continues to occur, even with a cork or average wine stopper in place. Without active vacuum-sealing technology, it’s impossible to prevent the dissolution of oxygen into the wine, which ultimately leads to oxidation. 


Now, however, rapidly oxidized wine may be a thing of the past. Vestia, a new start-up company, has created the first affordably priced wine saver that automatically and continuously removes air from an open wine bottle, keeping the wine fresh for weeks instead of days. And, to bring the product to wine bottles around the globe (especially yours), Vestia is currently seeking investors on Kickstarter.

Thanks to newly patented Vestia-Vac vacuum sealing technology, the Vestia Wine Saver can actively and continuously prevent oxidation instead of sealing the bottle only once. The new product helps to prevent oxidation by creating a low pressure environment in the bottle. With a vacuum-sealing motor and a specially-designed wine stopper, it automatically and continuously vacuum seals and removes air from any wine bottle. And, when air gets into the bottle for any reason, the Wine Saver instantaneously activates to remove it.

To use the Wine Saver, you can simply place the product and Vestia Wine Stopper onto an open bottle, just like you’d regularly cork a bottle. Leaving the Wine Saver on the bottle allows the product to continuously remove the air from inside. When you’re ready to enjoy another glass of wine from your Vestia-corked bottle, click the release lever on the side of the Wine Saver and pull up, keeping the Wine Stopper in place. The Wine Stopper will continue to tightly hold the vacuum-sealed bottle until the white button is pressed to release the pressure.

You may already have a wine stopper or saver, but it’s really not doing the trick. The current crop of vacuum sealers seal air out once, letting it creep back in once the motor is removed. The Vestia Wine Saver, on the other hand, will automatically turn on to prevent air from seeping in. Once it senses that air has entered the bottle, it automatically activates to suck the air out.


To bring the Vestia Wine Saver to wine bottles around the world (and particularly yours), Vestia is raising money on Kickstarter for physical production. The seven tiers of investment options range from $1.00 to $500.00+, and anyone who donates $17.00 or more will get a Vestia Wine Saver for free!


For more information, visit Vestia’s official Kickstarter campaign.


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