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We all crave the saltiness of potato chips and I know some kids even like to lick the grease off their fingers. Many brands have talked to us about getting rid of trans fat, artificial flavors, and who knows what else. The truth is, snacking is unhealthy…at least it was until 2006.

Snikiddy was created by a Mom who didn’t want to take snack time away from her kids, but was seeking a healthier alternative, that still tasted good.

Who Came Up With Snikiddy?

Where did the name come from? Snikiddy® is a shortened (and let’s face it, easier to say) form of the word persnickety, which means choosy or picky. Growing up, Janet (Mary’s mom) and her siblings were known around school as the Snikiddy kids (a badge they wore proudly) because they always ate healthy lunches. Their mom (Grandma), ahead of her time with her passion for good health, would pack their lunch boxes full of locally grown produce and very simple foods. A teacher once referred to them as being persnickety and the kids’ version of the word (snikiddy) stuck.

I love that the brand is made by a family who understands that snacking can still be fun and delicious too!

You can tell that a mom invented this, because who else would come up with Baked Mac N’ Cheese cheese puffs? Or Grilled Cheese Puffs? I mean the names alone sound delicious!


Quote from my 6 year old “Mom, These are deeeeeelicioussss! They taste just like grilled cheeses!” Because you know it’s always multiple cheeses in a grilled cheese sandwich!

All of Snikiddy’s Snacks are baked and never fried.


  • Certified Gluten Free
  • Made with non-gmo corn
  • About 70 puffs per serving
  • No Trans Fats, Low in Saturated Fat
  • No MSG
  • Vegetarian (contains dairy)
  • Made in a facility that does not manufacture any products containing peanuts or tree nuts

They offer various flavors in different types of snacks.

  • Baked Fries – Includes flavors such as Hot&Spicy, Bold Buffalo, Barbeque, Cheddar Cheese, Seasoned, and Sea Salt,
  • Cheese Puffs – Includes flavors such as Baked Mac n’ Cheese, Baked Grilled Cheese
  • Eat Your Vegetables – Flavors Include Sour Cream & Onion, Sea Salt, Sea Salt & Lime, Jalapeno Ranch, and Italian Herb & Olive Oil.

If my six year old approves, and I try to sneak a few, then they have our stamp of approval.

Don’t give up on Snack time and it’s ok to be “per-snkiddy.” Grab yourself and your kids a bag of Snikiddy Snacks and enjoy snack time again!


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This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post is my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.

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Lisa Coomer Queen
Lisa Coomer Queen
8 years ago

These snacks look great and very healthy! Love the name.

8 years ago

That sounds like a good snack choice. You don’t want to remove snacks from the home. Just make healthier choices.

8 years ago

I know I commented here already. It’s next to impossible to find an article that comments aren’t closed. I’m new to this site, can you let me know how the comment section works?

Tamara Terni
8 years ago

these are great we all love to snack so anything healthier is def better.

8 years ago

i was wondering what gmo stood for –i think i understand it better,nice review

rochelle haynes
rochelle haynes
8 years ago

I would like to try this they look good