Examining Right Parenting Methods and Spoiling a Child


There are different assumptions about parenting. For some people, it can be burdensome and frustrating to watch a child deal with a lot of issues. On the other hand, it also gives affirming and creative experiences that are helpful for the personal growth of an adult. Hence, parenting is a mutual process for both the children and parents. 

There are different parenting methods!

The full meaning of parenthood includes raising a child in a way we want them to be. Parents do have different ways of raising their children depending on their personal point of view. There’s no doubt that the growth of the children is influenced by the parents; however, the society, peers and teachers can also create a strong impact in developing his child’s personality. Each child has unique potential and he or she can develop his or her own temperamental, styles, interests and moral values, which are sometimes not what a parent expects.

A spoilt child does not necessarily mean a bad child.

So, how do you raise your child? Are you the strict one or are you spoiling them by giving them anything that they want? A very familiar line goes “Spare the rod, spoil the child” and this raises argument among parents. Anything that is given less than or more than the necessary can affect the personal and mental growth of a child.

Spoiling our child can lead to both positive and negative effects in terms of personality and mental development. Knowing this as parents, we must realize the importance of following the right approaches of raising our children. Likewise, we should also be ready for whatever result it may make.

We can spoil our child once in a while, but we must make sure that it will lead him or her into a better person. Otherwise, we’ll regret about it our entire life. Keep in mind that it’s the responsibility of every parent to lead a child towards the right path without imposing something that can negatively impact his or her personality and mental growth.

It pays to know what’s right.

While we are entitled to our own method of raising your child, we must not forget that there are things we must follow even though it may be against our own principles. Some of these are the following:

  • In raising a child, it’s important to let them follow ground rules. Instances are, children who are spoiled grow up with deviant behavior because they were not used following rules. Thus, they will continue doing bad behavior as they grow old.
  • It’s normal to give whatever our child needs, as long as it is within reason. However, parenting can be successful if we’ll allow them to succeed on their own. Treat them properly to boost their mental and emotional well-being.
  • As we want them to succeed, we should guide them particularly in terms of education. If we allow our child to use gadgets and other products of technology, we should at least monitor them.


Indeed, a child should be treated as a kid, but spoiling him or her should not be the case. Still, it is the parents’ responsibility to give them equal share of freedom and discipline. Instead of giving them everything like material things, why not teach them the sense of responsibility and values? At the end of the day, we can ensure that our children will grow as good individual of the society. After all, raising a child and molding him or her to be a better person starts at home.

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