New to Vaping – Avoid Common Mistakes


Vaping has gained its popularity during these recent years as an excellent lifestyle change for a heavy smoker. If you’re a newcomer, it can be quite intimidating to learn about vaping mainly because of the wide variety of e-cigarettes such as dab pen and are available in the market today.

Having the lack of knowledge and understanding about vaping can only turn people go back to smoking because of some mistakes. In this article, let’s tackle the most common mistakes on using vape that you should definitely avoid.

  • Buying cheap and bad vaping products

One primary reason why most smokers are giving up on vaping is the poor quality vaping products or e-cigarettes. Typically the bad e-cig contains terrible taste juices that make the vaping experience unpleasant and might cause inconvenience including battery fires and juice leakage. As the countless and continuously increasing numbers of vaping manufacturers who are hopping on the big bandwagon, it can be difficult to choose the best vaping products.

Keep in mind that if you are going to use poor quality products, you will most likely to not going to enjoy vaping furthermore, you might put health at risk of unwanted accidents from fire or explosion. So, be smart and wise on investing on vaping products.

  • Vaping with the wrong mixture or Ejuice

Vapers should pay attention when choosing the best juice than just deciding what flavor tastes better. The juice used on the vaping device typically composed of two main base liquids the vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol. The PG or Propylene glycol is basically thinner liquids which give several wax vape pens for sale in the market creates more throat hit, imitating tobacco smoking.

On the other hand, the VG or Vegetable glycerine is a thicker liquid which produces thicker and larger vapor clouds. If you are new to vaping, it is important to choose what mix of VG or PG will work best for you. This is because people’s preferences and taste varies.

Try vaping out 50% PG and 50% VG mix and you can start experimenting from there. Here’s a recommended rundown for the appropriate nicotine level:

  • For light or occasional smoker: Maximum of 10 per day (6mg/ml)
  • For Medium smoker: 10 – 20 per day (12mg/ml)
  • For Heavy smoker: 20 or more per day (18mg/ml) 
  • Vaping and Smoking are different

Even if vaping is considered as an alternative to smoking, it doesn’t actually mean that treating vaping is the same way as you treat cigarettes. Vaping requires proper maintenance of the device and other components such as juice in order to get the most out of it. On average, vape devices only deliver less nicotine to the body and last a little bit longer compared to traditional cigarettes.

Also, keep in mind that adjusting to the new habit is going to take a little while.

  • Forgetting to charge the batteries

If you’re a smoker, forgetting a lighter or match could be a nightmare, however, someone around will always there to bail you out. This could also apply to vaping, forgetting to charge the batteries could also be a problem. So, better make sure that you leave your vape to charge an hour before finally leaving your house to give enough power for at least few hours.

You could also carry a power bank and USB charger, especially when traveling so you can readily charge your vape anytime. If you are using replaceable batteries, it is also a good idea to always make sure that you are carrying a spare battery with you.

  • Electrical principles confusion

It is important for those individuals who are new to vaping to choose the best e-cig components and understanding how the basic electrical works. In this way, it can prevent any unsafe or poor performance, here are some of those:

  • Volts / Watts: we strongly recommend to start off with a vaping device in the 10 – 30 watts range. Also, choose the most suitable components such as the coils used in tanks and atomizers.
  • mAh: milliamps per hour basically measure the capacity of the battery. It indicates how long the battery will last between each charge. Typically higher mAh rating means the longer the battery will last.
  • Ohms: this is the unit of measurement for resistance, typically, the higher the ohm rating, the more it will resist electric current in the coil or there will be less power that can go through the coil. Vape devices in 1 – 2-ohm range should work just fine.
  • Improper maintenance

All the components of your vape device should be regularly maintained and cleaned. Lack of proper maintenance most commonly can cause leakage of the tanks, giving you horrible taste or flavor, and even circuitry problems.


Understanding the proper ways on how to use and maintain your vape devices and its components will definitely let you enjoy vaping experience effectively and conveniently. It also important to choose the best dab pens that offer excellent quality and safe use.


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