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Subtle Encouragement

It can be very difficult to find the right gift for the man in your life. He doesn’t understand your difficulty; and frankly you don’t understand how he manages to outdo you every year, but there’s not a lot you can do about that. Or is there? Sometimes the man in your life has a habit or a lifestyle choice which isn’t good for you, or for the children; but which you’ve had a very tough time getting him to quit. Like smoking. Smoking’s physically and mentally addictive, plus it’s bad for the health. You haven’t been able to get him to quit it in the fifteen years you’ve been married, and even he doesn’t quite know what to do. This is where the right gift at the right time could be instrumental in helping wean your husband away from the addiction.


A Gift Guide To Vaporizing Technology
Like any gift guide, this one will incorporate a number of devices. From the p4U box mod, which is designed to give a smooth, dependable, replenishing smoke, to any old conventional e-cigarette you find on the street. Let’s go over several kinds in a bullet list:

  • Conventional E-Cigarettes: These can be bought at gas stations and smoke shops. They’re also increasingly available at head shops and dispensaries, though with differing kinds of fill. An e-cigarette can be something you can replenish, or it can be a single use device. Usually, an e-cigarette will last through about a pack’s worth of nicotine before it fails. Because they’re around five dollars, these can be a great way to introduce someone to the world of vaping.
  • Box Mod: A box mod is a squarish device that fits in the palm of your hand and is meant to be connected to an inhaling tube. This device has several buttons on the side and a digital display informing the user of things like battery life and the like. A variety of different flavors are available for these devices, and the experience is rather like taking a hit from a hookah. Plus, these devices are often temperature controlled, and can be charged right from your computer. They’re made to be used multiple times. Since they’re not disposable, they are a little more expensive–about the cost of a cheap carton of cigarettes.
  • Pen-Style Mod: This sort of vaporizer is extremely discreet. Shaped like a fat pen, it’s got the tube and atomizer connected directly to the mod, and will easily fit in any pocket.

This gift guide has excluded vaporizers which are designed jointly to use THC-related products, as those are yet illegal in most states. However, this is also a family of vaporizing. It uses the same technology, but a different kind of “medium”.


Helping Him Quit
Giving one of the vaporizers outlined in this gift guide to your husband may not immediately curtail his smoking habit, but it could be a step in the right direction. Vaporizing diminishes the impact to an individual’s health while delivering the same nicotine to which the body bears an addiction. At the very least, it will be a positive sign to the kids that Daddy’s trying to right himself. At the best, he’ll love it and enthusiastically take to the device. At the worst, he sticks to the cigarettes.


Environmental Impact
One final thing to consider when vaping is how low its actual impact is on the environment. There isn’t any copious or subconscious littering that goes on with vaporizers. Since they can be replenished with a cartridge, when they do break, they just go where other garbage does.

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