Why Vaping Snuffs Out Cigarettes


Cigarettes make you cough, stink, and stand outside in the rain every time you need a nicotine fix. People may still make you go outside to vape, but at least you don’t come back stinking and coughing. Besides, you don’t even have to stand 20 feet from the outside doorway to remove the threat of secondhand smoke.

If that’s not enough to choose to vape over smoking, perhaps these three reasons will do the trick.

Vaping is 95 Percent Safer than Cigarettes

No kidding. And it’s not just some vaping fanatic that came up with this number. It was Public Health England, back in 2014. And the organization still stands behind the determination today.

Vaping is Kinder to Your Surroundings

Kids, pets and nagging spouses are apt to prefer you exhaling a water-based vapor cloud than a toxic chemical haze of smoke. You’ll also find vaping kinder to your furniture, computer screens, and stark white walls. It leaves no yellow film behind. It’s also not going to burn a hole in your couch.

Vaping Tastes So Much Better than Cigarettes

Cigarettes make your mouth taste like an ashtray. Vaping tastes nothing at all like an ashtray. In fact, if you go for the best e-liquid, such as Black Note real tobacco e-juice, vaping can taste positively delicious.

There you have it. When compared to the benefits of vaping, cigarettes go down in flames (pun intended).

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