My KURUs and Me




I recently was able to wear my pair of black KURU Chicanes on a summer camping trip with my husband and 5 children.


First of all, I must confess, I don’t like camping…at all. But I especially don’t like hiking in hiking shoes In my experience they always end up being so bulky that I practically trip over myself, so heavy that I feel like I have been walking with 5 pounds weights around my feet, and so ugly that I end up being grateful my Levis cover them up. But the thing that really gets me– hiking boots can be so confining that they restrict my feet from rolling all the way through the step in it’s natural form nor do the insoles offer the arch support or heel stability I need. It can be very frustrating. From my experience, hiking shoes end up being more of a burden than protection.

It used to be that every time I headed out on a trip to the woods or out on a trail, I would imagine how amazing it would be for someone to create a versatile hiking shoe that was light and flexible while still offering traction I could trust. How much more could I enjoy nature and my surroundings. Why couldn’t someone make a versatile shoe, with traction, and that was light and flexible? I really wanted a shoe that would enhance my experience, rather than dampen it. Unfortunately, every hiking shoe I tried made me focus on me feet, not nature.

And then I found KURU. KURU’s amazing KURUSOLE™ technology is exactly what I have been searching for. KURU’s are light, easy to pack, and definitely not bulky. With ideal arch support and a deep heel cradle to support and stabilize my whole foundation, my KURU shoes adapted to my foot’s very own shape to give them a custom orthotic shape, fit and feel. Having KURU hiking shoes on my feet made my entire camping trip more enjoyable. I was able to focus on my family, not the discomfort of my shoes, raising the quality of my vacation and contributing to my happiness and well being.

KURUs for Your Comments
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