Make Your Drinks Stand Out with Awesome Coffee Art


Coffee is a drink that many of us enjoy for its rich taste, aroma, and smoothness. If you are a big fan of coffee, you don’t have to limit your drinks to just tasting good – you can also make them look good. Coffee art is something that you will see a lot of when you go to coffee shops with proper baristas. The London barista training course from Kimbo gives the history and the opportunity to brew like a pro and make these amazing designs. They can make your delicious coffee look incredible with the intricate detail that they add. If you enjoy inviting friends and family over for coffee, or you have to throw a dinner party, learning how to create your own coffee art is a great idea. Coffee art refers to the art of using microfoam or steamed milk to add patterns and designs on the surface of the drink.

Start with simple designs

If you want to learn how to do coffee art, don’t expect to perfect it overnight. This is something that does take patience and practice, so don’t worry if it takes you a while to get to grips with it. You are best to start off with simple designs so that you can master your technique. Designs such as the coffee leafs and intricate patterns are elegant, attractive, and popular. It is worth considering starting with this and put in some practice.  

Move on to more challenging designs

There are many different coffee art designs that are popular these days. In fact, once you master the skill of coffee art you can get as creative as you like. You can personalize guests’ coffees with individual coffee art designs for each person once you master the skills. Again, don’t try and rush into creating more intricate designs, as it can be very frustrating when you keep ending up with something that looks nothing like what it is meant to be. Take the whole process slowly and give yourself time to develop your skills.

Why use coffee art?

You may wonder why people go to the time and trouble of using coffee art. Well, it’s all about presentation and the perfect finish. For instance, if you were making a cake for someone, you wouldn’t just throw it together without any decoration on. You would want to make it look as attractive as possible, as that is all part of the experience. Well, it is the same with coffee – adding coffee art means that you can create unique drinks that look as good as they taste.

Be patient

When you see a barista at a coffee shop perform coffee art, you will know how simple and easy they can make it look. Don’t be fooled – it is not an easy thing to achieve, particularly if you are looking for perfection. This is why you need to be prepared to exercise patience if you are just starting out. Like anything else, you need to keep trying – the good news is that you will get to enjoy plenty of great coffee as you practice, even if the artwork on it might not be that great to start with.

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bouncing balls
6 years ago

I also like milk coffee and I know a bit about baking and shaping like this.