Cheeky Monkey: Not Just A Healthy Alternative Snack


As parents, it’s hard for us to say no to our children. Usually, when your children ask for a snack, most of the time we let them have it. Of course, we want them to eat the healthiest snack possible. However, health statistics show most of the junk food we let our children ingest, are actually quite bad for their health. Cheeky Monkey will melt in your mouth Peanut Butter Puffs, that are going to change your life.  Cheeky Monkey are so delicious, that you are going to find it hard to believe they are a healthy alternative snack. For toddlers, Cheeky Monkey is a great food for toddlers. Toddlers have all been eating solids for some time. Jam packed with nutritional value while representing that peanut butter flavor we all know and love. 

Cheeky Monkey can be given as a solid food to your children, recommended around ages of 4 to 6 months. If you are looking to take advantage of preventing a peanut allergy from occurring. It is recommended to introduce Cheeky Monkey to your baby no later than 10 months. Scientist around the world generally recommend your child eats peanut foods from the start of eating solids. They say that this also helps decrease the risk of your child developing an allergic reaction to peanuts. Let’s be honest, peanut butter is in all the best foods. So it seems like such a parenting thing to do for our children. 

Cheeky Monkey can be bought in different bulk sizes: 

The best part about Cheeky Monkey is the fact that they consist of four main ingredients. Those ingredients being peanut butter, corn, palm oil, and salt. All these ingredients are 100% organic, contain non-GMO’s, and are Gluten-Free. A whole bag of Cheeky Monkey stands at a whopping 98 calories. Which is a perfect snack for anyone trying to watch their calorie intake.  While receiving a great source of nutrition all at once. Cheeky Monkey was created with your health in mind. 

Easter is just a few days away, and this would be a great snack to have for everyone that’s invited. A great snack, that will hold them until the food is finished preparing. You can even hide them in plastic eggs all around the house. Cheeky Money is a higher-quality of snack for your family to enjoy on any occasion. Even if it’s not just for the holidays. If you are a peanut butter freak like myself, then you need to grab a bag of these for yourself right now. Let your craving vanish at the delicious peanut butter puffs snack that is Cheeky Monkey!

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