Furry Medical Marijuana Patients: Finding Relief for Sick and Senior Dogs


People are not the only souls that feel the effects of medical marijuana. Sick and senior dogs are finding relief through ingesting forms of cannabis. The medical marijuana industry is booming and patients are expanding beyond those who walk on two feet. Regulations are still spotty yet many pet owners endorse the widespread availability of cannabis-based medical solutions for dogs. This could be a good time for you to try HerbMighty for your dog.

Early Diagnosis

CBD is often used as a way to treat the effects of cancer. However, prevention and early detection are the best treatment. Early signs of a tumor include unusual bumps or lumps under the skin and foul odors from the mouth or rectal area. Pale gums, open sores, and overall change in behavior are also early warning signs.

What is CBD?

Marijuana contains cannabinoids. Cannabidiol (CBD) has been known to treat medical problems in a non-toxic way, as opposed to forms of cancer treatment like chemotherapy. THC has a different effect on people and, reportedly, pets. Most complaints associated with marijuana have to do with psychological effects. However, CBD does not influence a user’s mindstate. CBD comes from hemp.

Bad Treatment

There are many reasons why dog owners seek CBD-infused treatments for animals. It’s been known to treat inflammation, pain, and side effects related to cancer. Such treatment makes a big difference according to reports. Otherwise, ill pets could suffer from a poor appetite as well as weakness due to some forms of treatment. Unfortunately, some prescribed drugs can worsen the state of dogs, creating liver and kidney issues. While manufacturers and vets are aware of bad side effects, these drugs are still being prescribed.

Legal Process

If there is success with hemp-derived CBD products then why can’t an expanded legalization process commence? For one, it’s difficult for vets to conduct studies on CBD’s effects. Scientists can borrow evidence and studies conducted on humans since dogs metabolize cannabinoids in a similar way. Yet, some believe that it could take years before cannabinoid research on dogs really takes hold. Canines share 70% biological homology with humans, so researchers are confident in the therapeutic benefits of CBD for dogs.

It’s Not Pot

The effects are derived from hemp and not marijuana. Your dog is not getting high with CBD, yet many poison control calls have come from owners whose dogs have gotten into a medical marijuana stash. Marijuana side effects could include vomiting, erratic behavior, and imbalance. Take your dog to the vet immediately if you believe they have ingested marijuana. Alternatively, there have been no reported side effects related to CBD other than mild drowsiness. The cannabis plant hosts many different cannabinoids, THC, and CBD among the most popular. However, only the former makes you feel high.


Obviously, you’re not going to give your dog a joint to smoke. Treatment comes in various forms including capsules and liquid drops. The capsules can be taken orally or sprinkled on food. CBD oil is infused into organic hemp seed oil. Read more at http://imbuebotanicals.com/pets/. While the CBD is meant to calm the dogs, you don’t want to raise anxiety by giving it to them in a strange or obtrusive form.

Increased Overall Condition

Some dog owners love the idea of improving a canine’s quality of life versus treating an illness. Potential benefits of CBD oil and other forms include reduced seizures, low blood sugar levels, improved appetite, better bone growth, and improved circulation. An owner benefits from involving their vet in deciding the best way to treat immediate conditions. Also, don’t assume what’s good for a friend’s dog, even a dog of the same breed will be good for yours.

It’s Natural

Why chemotherapy is not natural, and in combination with cancer cells, destroys the body’s healthy cells, CBD does not pose harm. The endocannabinoid system is present in all mammals and involves millions of receptors in the brain and central nervous system. It helps regulate the body’s systems and is often neglected through a natural diet. Also, natural oil does not need to be taken orally. Topical salves and balms are offered to rub in an animal’s skin, muscles, and joints.

Relief Signals

In addition to a veterinarian’s guidance, look for relief signals as to determine whether CBD should be used as an ongoing solution. As described above, your dog should undergo an alleviation from pain and they should show signs of an increased appetite. Use a diary to note any anecdotal data. You know your pet best, so don’t be shy to contradict a doctor’s advice or debate upon the best course of action.  You will most likely find before you know it your pet will feel like he or she is the king or queen of their Paw Castle.

Jayden McLean is a medical marijuana patient who loves helping others find pain relief. You can find her articles on a variety of health and wellness websites.

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