The Beauty Of Saving Lives With Life Support Techniques


When we think of saving lives, a few images flash before our eyes- firemen carrying people and animals out of a burning building, fishermen rescued from a turbulent sea by the coastguard, a beaming doctor greeted by the grateful family of a patient with a second lease of life.  

Do you ever imagine yourself in any of these scenarios, helping people, saving lives? After all, it’s not only the person in the uniform or the white coat who can be a savior. You can be too. That’s the beauty of saving lives with life support techniques.

Saving a life isn’t always about high-tech methods and state of the art treatment. Sometimes it is something as simple as a maneuver to dislodge a fish bone or a piece of popcorn stuck in the throat. The Heimlich method involves grasping the upper abdomen with balanced pressure from both arms and using an upward action to expel the object. A person can go from respiratory distress to gulping down refreshing breaths of air- and a sense of gratitude for being alive.

All you need to help save lives is knowledge of BLS, or Basic Life Support techniques. Today, gym instructors, trainers, security personnel and students are all learning this effective method to keep people alive.  In the case of police personnel, they are often the first responders to situations. In the case of an accident, they can save the victim from serious injuries by being careful about how they handle the spine and protect it, either with a collar or a brace. Apart from this, being able to handle shock and calming down the victim is also essential.

There are a few situations where keeping your wits about you can save lives:

  • Drowning
  • Cardiac arrest
  • Burns
  • Bleeding

Apart from basic life support techniques, there are advanced life support techniques as well. As the term suggests, ALS extends the BLS method to extend life support. It is best performed by paramedics, emergency medical technicians, and medics.

Life support is also important in other cases. For instance, when it comes to suicidal behavior. Whether it’s speaking to someone on the phone, or talking someone off the ledge, your cool mind and calm behavior can help a person see how life can be better in multiple ways.

Your efforts can bring double the joy in the case of pregnant mothers. Many times, birth complications can have tragic consequences. The most common reasons why new mothers may die are high blood pressure, excessive bleeding, and infections. All these can be easily addressed with techniques, creating opportunities for better life expectancy.

Saving lives is beautiful, but only when done right. It goes without saying that there is an utmost necessity for the proper training before you take another person’s life in your hands. Make sure your training is from a properly certified institute. Don’t rush in and try to be a superhero, learn all the algorithms and guidelines. Put the other person first always and you’ll experience the beauty of saving lives.


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