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When we become parents, we are faced with a journey of responsibility. We are responsible for bringing up our children in the best way possible. This means making sure they are fed and clothed. That they are happy. That they get as many opportunities as you can provide for them. That they get to experience life with you. So when it comes to teaching them the ways of the world and how things are it’s important to get the right message across. So I thought i would share with you a few ideas on how to make your children more aware of the worldly issues.  

Research things yourself

When it comes to things like this, you need to make sure that what you are saying is fact and correct. So if you want to explain about poverty in third world countries. Or that certain animals are becoming extinct then do your homework first. What you don’t want is your lack of research to come back and haunt you when your children ask questions or express to others what you have told them. Preparation is key, so just make sure you are aware of how things are before getting your children involved.

Explain how things are

The next thing you could do is explain to your children a few of the facts behind things. Perhaps you want to encourage a different lifestyle or explain how lucky they are to live in the country you live in. However, a great tip would be to work out how you want to explain these issues. The last thing you want to do is upset your children or make them confused. They can be vulnerable and receptive to things like this.

Show support for causes you believe in

A great way of encouraging a strong message would be to show your support to the causes you believe in. There a many ways you can do that. It could be in support of the cause to provide women and children with safe water to drink. You could wear a water bracelet to show your support. It may be offering monthly donations to charities you believe in. It might even be offering spare change to homeless people. Actively showing your support will encourage your children to do the same, and also ignite the same passion and belief in the causes.

Keep an open mind

One of the most important things would be to keep an open mind. Your children have their own personalities and will learn to grow and develop their own beliefs. They may begin to disagree with you or take things one step further and support other charities or causes. Introducing your children to the great big world we live in is your responsibility. It is down to you to make sure they live happily in their bubble without feeling totally out of touch with how anyone else may live in other parts of the world. It’s about accepting their choice as well as they grow up. When children grow up to be worldly people that care and show support, you will know you will have had a hand in that.

I hope this has offered a few tips on how to approach some of these bigger issues as your children grow up.


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