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Finding a good online resource can be difficult sometime, especially if you’re looking for resource information to help with your children. No matter if their newborn or toddler has the resources for your concerns. Today we want to focus on Bathing Your Newborn.


Bathing your newborn is such an awesome time to bond with your baby but there are many things all parents need to know before moving forward with bath time. Dr. James has laid out a few things parents need to keep in mind while preparing and bathing their little bundle of joy.

We know bath time can be an intimidating time for new parents. Most babies even my own were frighten of the water and will cry the entire time which makes it so hard handling a squirming, slippery baby. That along can bring on a nervous feeling, but with Dr. James advise and a little preparation, practice, and patience bath time can become one of those memorable, loving, bonding moments for both mom and baby.

You can few Dr. James video from has a lot of great advise that will help you understand more about bath time with your little bundle of joy. Go here to see his video:

In his video you will hear him speak on many important topics like:

  1. Babies hate being naked
  2. Babies hate being cold
  3. Babies hate being wet
  4. Be prepared
  5. Select the appropriate bath tub,
  6. Have all items you need on hand before starting: lotion, diaper, towel, clothes etc.
  7. He speaks about using temperature electronic devices like the baby temp ducks to help determine if water is warm enough, but most of all he recommend using the old fashion method to determine water temperature for your baby. Ways like sprinkling water on your skin, touching with elbow or inside of the arm to help determine if water is just right for baby .
So if you’re a new mom or dad you may want to take a moment to review Dr. James Bathing your newborn video. His advise will really help make a difference in a situation where many of us mom’s feel defeated.
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