Lubby Dubby Dolls Perfect for Your Baby to Sleep With

The Mother’s Actual Heartbeat is the Baby’s Lullaby

It is a proven fact that baby’s sleep better when they are close to their Mommy.  Since that is what they have heard for the past 9 months while inside their Mommy’s tummy.  So what better way to help a baby sleep outside of the womb (other than holding them all the time), than to have a Lubby Dubby Doll.  

Lubby Dubby Dolls Perfect for Your Baby to Sleep With


About Lubby Dubby Dolls

The Lubby Dubby Dolls are able to record and replay your own heartbeat so that your baby can sleep longer as well as fall asleep faster.  It is the next best thing to the actual womb-like experience.  Lubby Dubby Dolls’ patent-pending SoundBox not only provides better sleep for your baby but also for yourself!

  • The world’s first consumer stethoscope recording device 
  • Allows Mothers to record their unique heartbeat for the child rather than using a pre-recorded stranger’s heartbeat (a person’s heartbeat is as unique as a fingerprint!)

  • Auto-loop feature allows smooth continuous heartbeat sound no matter which beat you start/stop recording
  • Soundbox adds white noise to the recording, emulating sounds babies hear inside a womb

Lubby Dubby Dolls Perfect for Your Baby to Sleep With

What are the Lubby Dubby Dolls made out of?

  • 100% GOTS certified Organic cotton
  • No GMO seeds or synthetic fertilizers
  • Naturally colored cotton, 0 dye used, 0 glue finish


To reduce potential risk to SIDS, babies younger than 12 months are not recommended to sleep with Tokki or other stuffed animals laying in the crib. Instead, we recommend using the knot behind Tokki to hang Tokki on the side of a crib when not under adult supervision.

Even older children will love their Lubby Dubby Doll. It is a comfort with or without using the heartbeat.

Lubby Dubby Dolls Perfect for Your Baby to Sleep With


Our limited launch special starts from $69, and it will retail for $149 after the launch campaign. Pre-orders submitted during our launch campaign will ship out from DEC 13th 2017.

 To place your order visit here.  Visit them on their Facebook | Instagram | YouTube


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