5 Great Workout Programs for Nursing Mothers


It seems as though a mother’s job is never done. This statement is true for all mothers, but especially those that are currently nursing their little ones. Nursing mothers have to be more to their babies than just their caretakers. They have to be with them most of the time with very little breaks to do anything for themselves. However, one thing is essential to every new mother, the need to get their bodies back. That can be difficult when your child needs you so much, but these 5 workout programs may help relieve stress and get you back to your former fitness minded self.


  • Mommy and Me Classes – You may not be ready or even able to leave your baby with a sitter for very long at all and therefore taking traditional fitness classes is not an option. More and more moms, however, are finding mommy and me classes to be the solution. Every class gives the mom an opportunity to multi-task. They are able to spend time with their baby all while getting into shape without the need for a sitter.
  • Cardio Using a Stepper Machine – Anytime a busy mom can devote time to working out from home is a good idea. There are many different machines to effectively shed the unwanted baby weight, but a stepper machine enables the body to get more resistance while they workout. That added resistance can significantly reduce the time that must be devoted to working out each day.
  • Take a Stroll – Strollers today are not just ways to roll the baby around. They can be a part of the mother’s fitness routine. Jogging strollers make it possible to take the baby to parks and get cardio in while giving them the Vitamin D from the fresh sunshine. It is the perfect combination.
  • Yoga – The stress of motherhood can leave the mom feeling completely drained and the best solution for such feelings is a time of deep reflection and yoga. Yoga does not take a considerable amount of time and can align your inner being to effectively deal with stress. The low impact workouts also stretch your muscles as opposed to simply trusting in a high energy, high impact workouts.
  • Swimming – The increased milk within the breasts can make jumping and running a very uncomfortable task. Swimming, however, is perfect as there is no stress to the joints like with running and you do not have to worry about any leaky breasts while doing it. If you have someone able to watch the baby for a short period of time or if your gym offers childcare, you may want to consider this relaxing and highly beneficial form of exercise while you breastfeed.


Even though it can be very difficult to start an exercise routine after having a baby, it is necessary. A mother gives more care to their baby when they are able to adequately take care of themselves through eating right and exercise, so everyone wins when mom exercises.


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